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Really cross at the moment. Had plans to go out today, but cancelled them as i thought if I stayed in, I would experience less soreness/aches due to the cold weather. Apart from walking the dog, I've been inside.

In order to walk the dog I had to use my stick, I've had a dull ache all day in my knees - particularly the right knee. So I hobbled around the green with the dog this afternoon. Pain relief so far has been ineffective as I still feel the damn pain in my knees, so I am getting ready to double the dose, take a hot water botttle to bed with me and I am hoping, it will finally go. I've also got both knuckles are swollen & a sore right shoulder. I can't beleive that the cold can make you feel so poorly.

I'm am hoping that tomorrow will be better, although the weather is set to be colder, as I've got work.

On Monday I had my first cimzia assessment. The nurse thought I could achieve better results if I change biologicals. I had a das score of 2.81. I was expecting a das score between 2 & 3, so no surprises there. I think so far cimzia has worked well with no side affects, and still I had good blood results. My crp remains less than 2, but it seems that I don't show inflammation in the blood, only on the joints & when I have the scans.

I got the lecture that "don't suffer in silence, if I feel the drug has stopped working etc. etc.", but I don't. So I have to think about it for my next appt in March.

It appears I am also vitamin D, defficient and have seriously low levels, so I have to start vit D tablets asap, and then be tested again in 6 months. Got to say I did not feel defficient, but there you go.

Ok hubby wamts to use lab top, so I better go.

Wrap up warmly and I hope you all are not suffering to bad.

Take care Jxx

ps last yr this time I was i chronic pain and just started on mtx!

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i am always told , by the GP . weather doesnt play apart in pain levels . its just old wife tales.




Rubbush,weather does affect us,as my late rheumy nurse said the speed of change does affect us.xx


apparently , its all in our heads . if we think the weather will make us worse, it will ..


I bet you don't believe that. Until these drs suffer like we do they can't comment. xx


your bang on .. right . some docs , dont understand.


Tell your GP from me creekybones, to wait until he/she has severe RA. And THEN your oh so clever GP can make that sweeping statement about the weather!


i already , did tell him. he says , no medical evidence says weather plays apart .


is it true . no medical evidence ?? i dont know .


It is to do with the pressure that makes the weather what it is.

May not be proven but too many suffers affected to make such a throw away comment


Standing still on cold pavement or factory floor certainly increases my pain in feet and knees so that I have to move somewhere warmer. I have thick socks and put my feet on cardboard at work to try to stop the cold. I don,t care what the experts say, I know how my body feels! Wrap up warm if you have to go out, I brought some thermals from Tesco last year, also my 18 year old daughter wanted some, so they couldn't be to bad:)


I have just been taken off humira as not working well enough after two years and put back on another drmad, so if your nurse thinks the drug you are on is not working well, and you are in the early stages of using it, I think it is easier to change. If you wait because it works at first like my did 12 to 18 months great, some hospitals think Nice guidelines means you cannot change straight away. If my new drug fails my doctor has to reapply for funding. My das score was to high due to fat fingers.


I have been struggling too just had 3.5 days off sick my joints have been in free fall.

My cause acute pharangitis( bacterial) I went to week for over a week with it until I couldnt manage any more lost use of hands almost entirely, thankfully back to normal now as half way through antibiotic course!.

Im not great with cold weather either.bought some nice fur lined posh well boots . snow boots from lidl of all places a friend told me they had them at a good price (half length) they also do full length mock suede affect i gave them a miss as I have more trouble getting on full length boots ( both priced less than £20.00!) warm and cosy .

I wear thinsulate gloves too and hat and scarf. I used to think it was an old wives tale but I think there is some element of truth and some of us are more sensitive than others.


There has not been any studies except a limited (12 volounteers in a barometric chamber) back in the 60s. But, as above, I know I am terrific weather forcaster I always know when it is going to rain 2 days in advance!! lol.


Hi all

The question of whether or not weather plays a part in RA comes up often. It seems that it does not effect the progression of the disease, but it does appear to affect symptoms for a lot of people.

There's a short article about this on our website, which includes information on a study that was run on this:

Kind regards


(NRAS Helpline)


i have crohns and have had to have a blood test for vitamin D deficency and it was very low had to take 10,000 units per day for 2 months and now on 1,000 units per day blood test after 6 months, which is Jan. They said there was a connection with crohns could there be one with RA and PA as i have PA as well.


Hi All

Just got in from work. I think the weather in particular the extremes does affect our symptoms & yes it is something to do with air pressure.

I and many on here also suffer when its too hot & that too causes the joints to be painful. It's the extreme both hot & cold that affects us!

My rheumy team accept this as one of the triggers we have and have discussed with me what I will do when the weather gets to cold etc.

Thanks for all your input,

Cheers Jx


My Rheumy also said that there is no medical evidence that the cold affects RA symptoms. I was gobsmacked but I had a sudden brainwave (most unlike me) and replied 'Ah, but scientifically speaking, a bumble bee cannot possibly fly. And yet, it does!' My Rheumy looked at me, shrugged and said 'Ok I'll give you that one' I can tell he remains unconvinced though.


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