Hi could someone give some advise if you get a cold do you really get it bad I had a sore throat last week so went to GP who said it is a virus since then felt terrible sore throat gone but feel awful for 4 days just starting to feel better but does anyone else feel terrible with a cold I never felt like this before being diagnosed with ra I am on mtx, hydro thanks X

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  • It varies! Sometimes a viral infection knocks me out and other times it doesn't. Taking DMARDs like methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine reduce your response to infections - as of course they are supposed to reduce our immune response, but over the many years I haven't noticed any significant difference. I think that it just depends on how big a dose of the virus I get and whether I've come across it before, or one like it.

  • Thank you

  • I had my a really bad cold last month (it was the first in about 10 years) and it took a long time to get rid of it - about month, I was really taken by surprise at how bad I felt, but just took things easy and got on with things as normal just a little slower. Fortunately, I am on Rituximab and the cold was gone by the time I had my infusion. Hope you feel better soon!

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  • This is why we are advised to have flu and pneumonia jabs. If a cold can make you that ill, can't imagine how bad flu would affect us. I've had pneumonia a few times (got lung disease) and that puts me in hospital for 2 weeks.

  • I'm not usually prone to colds, I put this down to regular handwashing, with antibacterial hand gel if there's not the opportunity to use soap & water, eating a variety fruit & veg (Vitamin C) & avoiding people coughing & sneezing. I also have the annual flu jab early & had the pneumovax last November.

    My h caught a cold early March & he beggered off to Spain & left me with his bugs. It's only this last fortnight I've felt back to normal, his lasted only 10'ish days. I'm on MTX & LEF plus the usual suspects, steroids, NSAID, pregabalin & such. So from that I can only presume that it was the virulent cold which was around earlier in the year, the adenovirus. I feel for anyone else who had it, it was really difficult to shake off.

  • Thank you

  • You're welcome... I hope some of my routine helps & you feel better soon.

  • Thanks getting there hope it goes by Monday as off on holiday x

  • Let's hope it's not long lasting, it's horrible flying with a cold. Enjoy your hols, hope you're going somewhere nice & warm, it's lovely on the joints. 😊

  • I hope so to off to our apartment in Spain Looking forward to it

  • Lovely. I miss Spain this time of year, it's such a lovely time, before the searing heat comes. Which part?

  • It is a small town about 45 miles fron Alicante inland looking forward to it x

  • Small world! We lived about 30 mins inland of Alicante, on the outskirts of a village. Enjoy. x

  • Hi what village was it ours is sax we have had the apartment for over 10 years have not been for 1 year hope it is ok x

  • Busot, near El Campello, we lived there 11 years. We have some friends who live at Alenda Golf, near Monforte del Cid, just off the A-31.

  • Yes I know it we are further along the a-31 I bet you miss the sunshine cannot say all year because I find some of the winter there cold where do you live now X

  • Yes, & most people don't understand the two things why, the mountains & that the houses/apartments aren't built for cold! I would think you have snow in winter in Sax don't you? We're back on the Fylde Coast for now, we have itchy feet though. If you like chochinillo asado there's a great restaurant at Monforte, Restaurante Ramón.

  • Thank you we will try to get to the restaurant it will be nice to get back to sax as we have been to Singapore for the last year visiting our son it must be nice living on the Clyde coast x

  • I should have added that cochinillo asado like most places is to order so you'd have to phone ahead, tel no is on their website.

    So your son's in Singapore. How lovely to be able to spend so long with him.

    I hope all's well when you arrive at your apartment, though if anything was amiss I'm sure your president would have contacted you. Hope you have a lovely time. x

  • Thank you

  • Small hint. If they don't interact badly with your meds, taking a decongestant an hour before the flight helps.


  • Good idea Jan. ☺️

  • viruses can last for mo that there's nothing you can take. that's what I'm told .hope u feel better iv stopped most my meds started hurting and feeling dreadful on them x

  • I guess everyone is different but I have been on MTX and Humiria for several years now and not noticed any difference in how long I take to get over colds, which is usually only a few days. If I do have one that lasts longer or is really bad I stop taking the MTX for a week which seems to cure it, for me at least.

  • Thank you

  • Most of us with RA have a very low or nonexistent immune system so colds and flu do appear to be worst for us now so you must be careful to keep clear of colds, I know that's hard , and you might need to leave your methotrexate off at some point as it reduces your immune system even lower you should have been told this when you started it , I hope you are getting better and that I haven't frightened you , 🌺 Dawn

  • Thank you no I was not told this when I started mtx I am going to gp tomorrow you have not frightened me at all again thank you

  • Try some industrial strength pro-biotics . I have been on Prescript Assist & alternate with Probiotic 14. Have not had a chest infection for 2 years, and used to get 4/5 per year.

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