I don't if any of you ever suffer from the weather. I do,i got up this morning and i didn't know where to put myself. I took all my drugs including Tramadol. Before breakfast was over i was sobbing my heart out with the pain. In the end when hubby went shopping i went back to bed and stayed there for over two hours dozing as well during that time. Even now i still feel in pain.

This year hasn't been kind to me at all. Back in May i broke my ankle and then the recovery and to be honest i haven't felt well since then, I am suffering with a lot of pain which i am being referred to another dr for and also the pain dr as well. have had food poisoning and last weekend my tinnitus went off and i ended up down the hospital. Then just to make things worse i am suffering with this pain today. I just wonder where it will all end.

I did make an effort on Tuesday as we went to a luncheon organised by Coventry standard bearers of which my daughter is a member. A lovely time was had by all and that my friends is the extent of my week.xxxxx

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  • I always get worse when weather is low pressure I have taken a note of it this year some people react the same with headache's hope you feel better soon

  • Does your tinnitus go away in between these nasty episodes you get? Hope next year is a lot better for you and that you feel better soon x

  • At the moment it is not,it usually does other times i have it go of. I am that run down i think that is why i am feeling so rubbish. Thank you

  • Hope you are feeling a little better Sylvi. I tend to get more inflamation in the hot weather, cold weather comes it goes down but then i feel the pain more. You take Sylvi xx Alison

  • Alison if it is very very hot i am the same. Spring seems to be best for me these days. Hugs for you

  • Hi sylvi, certainly for me the cold weather has set all my joints off. Especially my hands, it's like having migraine in them. Very painful, not helpful this time of the year & as I can't take painkillers life is not good. Never mind off to a hotter climate at the end of the month. Wish you better x

  • I've said before, dampness & humidity test me. You've had all sorts of other rubbish going on all year too Sylvi & it's likely the final straw, a crack appears & it all comes flooding in having a go at you. It definitely sounds as though your pain relief needs a full review though. I've been so much better since my GP did one at the back end of the summer, sleeping better leads to coping better, no doubt in my mind! Hopefully you'll find the right ones for you & the world will seem brighter before too long. x

    Lovely pic, where is it?

  • Poor you Sylvi - much sympathy wending it's way down to you from me. I've got a really annoying cough just now and it is triggered by cold drinks and cold wind so the present icy storms are horrible for me as I go out to walk the dogs and end up hoarse and wheezing. I also have Raynaud's - especially in my toes which go white and chilblained these days so cold weather, along with very hot weather, offends my body and my throat/ chest now too it seems! x

  • Hugs, Sylvi .. you've had a lot to cope with. I get sciatica and deep pain my my hips in the very damp when it is continual and also the extreme cold. Heatpads and hot water bottles help but think I am due my second duo of infusions again by the feel of me. However, busy time so guess I am doing more .. know I am .. and feeling it! Hope you feel some relief soon from it all. xxx

  • Thank you ladies i feel so much different this morning. Thank goodness i feel brighter this morning. The next step in pain management is morphine and i can't take that as i messes with my head . I took a sleeping tablet last night and slept fairly well too. Thank you all for you kind words and though i wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy i know you all know how i feel as sadly your all going through it as well with me. Hugs to you all.xxxx

  • After going through all the pain meds with my GP I finally settled on BuTrans patches & that plus amitriptyline has been the turnaround meds for me & OA pain Sylvi. It has affected me cognitively at all, my h has even commented on that as it was as concern! Worked my way up to 20mcg/hr & 25mg ami & I'm a different woman to the me last July. A reasonable night's sleep makes all the difference to how we look at the world.

    Hope you're over this bad patch & whichever pain relief is decided on it works out well for you. (x)

  • Have been struggling with this weather myself. The damp, cold, wet weather is not good for me at all. I've been suffering more with neck and shoulder pain as well as the usual legs, knees, wrist, hand pains. Roll on summer time when we might find it a bit easier with any luck xx

  • I have been down to see family in Cambridgeshire and we have just got back and i have to say the break did me good. I feel better than i have since i had that food poisoning. My shoulder and neck is still giving me problems,but hey ho i feel brighter. Hugs to you

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