This dreadful Cold!!!

The last 2 days & Nights have been awful. Yesterday morning I felt so rough I was moved to tears. I almost phoned hubby to come home as I needed looking after. I could not even get up to make myself a hot drink. I was so tired, I just slept. It was absolutely awful.

Well that was yesterday. Last night I slept all the way through and hubby woked me up to make sure I was ok, before he left for work, this morning. I feel much better and think I have passed the worse with this cold (viral infection), which I have had now for 9 days. I now have a running nose, a cough and my voice is hoarse, but I am less achy.

It's been sleeting about 2 hrs now and I will not be able to walk the dog as its too cold today. My knees are achy, which I put that down to it being vey cold. There is still some slight stiffness in my fingers, that I also put down to the cold weather.

I have decided to have a duvet day as, although I feel stronger than I did yesterdeay, I must remember not to over do it.

I have taken pain relief for at least the last two wks continuously now and up to 8 in a day, depending how much pain I've been in and I don't know what kind of affect this will have on my liver. I've tried to use them sparingly, but their are times when I felt so bad, that I have had to take them.

Thanks as ever for listening. I feel much better that I've been able to blog - its a sign that I must be recovering, be it slowly.

Have a pain free wkend

Sci xx

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Boil some lemonade, its supposed to be very good for sore throats. You keep resting my friend. xx


Cheers x


I'm sorry to hear that you've been so poorly - at least it will be out of the way before xmas!

I use lemon, honey and glycerin for a sore throat. Just continue to take it very easy for the next few days and then hopefully you will feel a bit more like your normal self:-}

It's been snowing on and off all day here in the north east so we're better off staying in the warm.

Cece x


Thanks cece,

I have toyed with doing some light chores, but I just decided to make another cup of coffee and return to bed.

I've decided to do nothing and rest, its nice not to ache like I have been the last couple of days. My throat is not so sore now and I just have a running nose and a cough. I think it's important to continue to rest and not over do it.

I am hoping that all symptoms will disappear by monday and that I will be feeling normal again ra normal that is.

Cheers Sci x


sorry to hear that your not feeliing well, i hope it passes soon, plenty of rest. take care of yourself xxx


Poor you - you are just right to do as little as possible, relax as much as you can and hopefully you wil get rid of it quickly..



thanks girls. I hope to get a trouble free sleep tonite, I've got lots to do tomorrow and its also mtx day.

Take care Sci x


I use lemon and honey like Cece!, drink plenty of fluids keep warm and rest xx


Sci, I find the best way to manage pain is to set up a schedule, with however many hours allowed between doses, and take them regularly. Like every 4 or 6 hours until bedtime. It takes longer for the pain meds to work and be noticeable once you have pain. In other words, preventing the pain is more efficient than getting rid of it. See if that works for you. You could write a little note with the times on it to remind you, and set the bottles right on the note. Good luck.


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