windy sunday

windy sunday

Here we are a lovely sunday,but the wind is making a lovely day very hard. slept well,but boy was i stiff when i got up. My knees and hands feel like tree trunks. My eyes are puffy and swollen. Anyway hubby went down the allottment and while grace cooked the lunch i popped over to bedworth to get grout pen from homebase. Lovely going over as the wind was behind me. Car boot on at the market,so had a quick nosy round there then off to homebase. Got what i wanted from there and started to come home.

I am well wrapped up for the cold. I've got a sun visor and ear muffs to protect my eyes and ears,scarf and mac done up and then a throw over my knees. What a sight i look i can tell you. It was head wind all the way back.

Got home and had to sit down after i got stripped of all the coverings. Since i've been home my eyes are very sore and still swollen and to be honest it is starting to worry me,i can't describe to you all how they feel. Will see consultant at beginning of november so will speak to him about them.

My daughter cooked a lovely lunch of yorkshire puds,roast lamb and roasted parsnips and potatoes and vege. Veg all came of our allotment,lovely.

Now i'm very tired and achy.

Take care all.

Sylvia, x

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Hi Sylvi - re the sore eyes. Suggest you get your GP/Optician to look at them as soon as you can. It may just be the wind which has caused problems but some of the drugs we are on, can cause changes to the eyes as well which cease once you are off that particular drug.

Dry eyes are a problem with RA - it is part of Sjordens syndrome and also includes a dry mouth. You can get drops for your eyes but check with the medics first.

Glad you had a good day otherwise - sounds lovely just pottering about the market. We used to have a very good market every Tuesday which took up the whole of the market square. Now we only have one row of stalls - such a pity.

My hubby would like more room to grow veggies but land round here for allotments is all taken up and no more coming on stream in the foreseeable future.

We've just planted up the strawberry pot and Himself will put potatoes in as well into their tubs. We have apple trees and redcurrant bushes and a friend gave me a load of pears and I have made Apple & Pear Chutney as well as beetroot chutney from a bag we won in the village raffle.

Hope you won't be as tired tomorrow. Battling against the wind does take it out of you I find. LavendarLady x


I had my tearducts cauterised in august as they were so dry,and my optician says he's not seen my eyes look so clear and well.I'm in constant touch with him so i can always go into the shop and ask him,but this i think is out of his scope. What on earth is sjordens? I get the sides of my mouth sore,but if i put lipsol on they then settle down again. I look like a panda i can tell you. What would cause it anyway.

I haven't done the bags for spuds and i think i might have left it too late,but fresh pears now that sounds wonderful.Hubby came back from allotment with second growth of strawberries and they were juicy i can tell you. Sylvia.xx



i have just been told i have sjordens - or dry eyes too. mine are like i have conjunctivitis most of the time and are really sore and runny during the day and swollen in the morning.

ihave bben given yet more drugs - eye drops for the day and different ones to put in at night.

this has been getting me down as eyes always hurt and look odd - nevermind tho i am odd ! ! !

beachbabe x


me too so we're not alone then. I had them done and they are better and more fluid,but theyare swollen and puffy and feel odd and i've also got a headache. I'm sick to death of drugs for this drugs for that at times i feel like throwing them all away.

I am odd in lots of ways i have my hair coloured five different colours and my nails are the same when i'm not breaking them,i can't wear any make up on them except for a bit of eyeshadow.

Sylvia. xx


As though you have not enough to cope with, what next? Bad weather here as well. I am obsessed about the weather, i really have to get a life, all i talk about is the elements.

However, the steroids are a beautiful memory, the inflammation and pain are making a comeback so i will soon be back on talking about the weather and the pain.


I haven't even come off steroids yet.I have been on them so long.I can't get a job,i mean who would give me a job with all the health problems i've got. I get fed up asking health people to look at me and try to get me to a place where i can function and be a useful contibrution to the world. Then to make matters worse we have to fill in forms again just to get money to help us survive,dwp gets me down. I know that there are scroungers on dla and esa,but why do they target the ones who really need it.All you hear are people who are living the high life on these benefits and i think how the hell do they manage it.

I can't remember a day when i haven't had pain of some sort or another. I know there are people who are a lot worse than me,but it doesn't help when you don't see and end to it all. I am lucky in the fact that i've got a good husband,but i'm so frustrated that i can't do the housework myself.

Thats my moan over with,hope you have slept well and you have a good day when you get up today.

Best sylvia. xx


Hi sylvi

In answer to your earlier question about Sjogren's Syndrome I will quote a little of the information that can be found on the British Sjogren's Syndrome Association website (

"Sjögren's Syndrome is an autoimmune disease which affects approximately 0.5 million people in the UK. It is a condition where the body’s immune system starts attacking parts of the body instead of fighting infection, this is mainly the white cells, which travel in the blood stream. In Sjögren's Syndrome the secretary glands that produce saliva, tears, vaginal, skin, bowel and other secretions develop a form of inflammation, similar to that seen in the joints in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Sjögren's Syndrome can occur later in the course of other rheumatic conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus or scleroderma, this is known as Secondary Sjögren’s Syndrome. Most patients with these conditions will already be under the care of a rheumatologist who will usually make the diagnosis of Sjögren's syndrome as soon as the dryness symptoms are mentioned."

So it may be worth mentioning these symptoms to your rheumatologist if you haven't already.

Kind regards

Sarah Kate

NRAS Helpline


thank you.xx


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