Windy cold day

Oy, after having a 60 degree day yesterday with no wind, today is 31 and we have a wind advisory & there is no sunshine. The cold just goes straight to my knees and hands.

I walked with a friend in the mall this morning, then had a nice lunch out with friends at Red Lobster. I had a hard time finding something that I could eat there, as I'm a lifelong vegetarian. I finally ordered the fettucini linguine & asked them to leave the crab off. They had warm cheesy biscuits too & I sure got a weeks worth of salt today, but it was so good. I had never been to Red Lobster before in my life, (or to KFC either).

Now I feel like lying down for a long winter's nap, but I must compare insurance plans, as my free look time is dwindling away.

Have a happy day,


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Hello Christine love hearing what you are up to over in the US. It was actuallly warm here in Ireland (North) too but its going to get colder later in the week. We have had such a mild January here so far - no snow, no frost, loads of wind and rain but i would take that over the snow any day.

Hope you got a good rest


Hi Christine

I have the same problem - i've not eaten meat for 30 years and if i have to eat another pata bake !!!!

It sounds like you had a lovely day - it's nice to get out with friends and forget RA for a while but hope your knees and hands recover soon

Take care

Julie x


I am a Pescetarian now - was a vegan for about 7 years, then a vegetarian for a further 10 years and then starting eating fish when i was pregnant about 10 years ago. I agree with the eating out, such a pain.


We ended up with a dusting of snow. Nothing to be worried about in driving. Most of it blew away in the strong winds anyway.

I had one hamburger from McDonald's when I was a teenager-I tasted it for 3 days afterwards, ugh. I also accidentally had fish once, and it was good. One bite of chicken once, & I took my burrito back & complained. I also had an airplane slice of turkey once too, and that was good. That's my lifetime of meat eating. I eat eggs & cheese & yogurt, so I guess I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian.

Julie-I love pasta, all kinds. I could eat it every day.


Tinwoman,i think the weather is changing here from mild to cold as my joints ache and i can't sleep. I can't stand it when the weather changes suddenly. I thought after the infection i had at xmas i would have started to pick up,but am wondering if it will take longer than i realised. I have a funny taste in my mouth as well.

I am afraid to say i'm an animal as i like meat, chicken is still the meat we eat the most in our house. I won't go into any other meat as i don't want to upset you lovely people who don't eat meat. I think with my star sign of virgo i would be better off with a meat free diet,but am ashamed to say i don't think i could do it,so good luck to you people who do give meat up.

Take care,sylvi.xx


It doesn't bother me if anyone eats meat around me or talks about meat. I just grew up not eating it-(for religious reasons). I am not an active practising member of any church now, but I still don't want to eat meat. Sometimes BBQ smells make me want to try it once but so far I have resisted.


Hi Christine, I love it when I see someone else from the states on here. There is so much of Red Lobster to like! Their soups are excellent, though I see you would not want the clam chowder. Theirs is superb! uh...Soupberb :)

KFC's OK, but too much fried stuff. Now, a sister restaurant to Red Lobster is "Olive Garden". Go there! It's all pasta dishes, so many choices, all divine, many from Italy. Their lunch is "Soup and Sald" with a big bowl of salad to pass around and they will refill as much as you want, soups, usually 4-5 kinds, also refillable, or you can try each of them , and the basket of warm breadsticks! Who could want more? For $6.99. Drinks are extra, coffee is refillable. Best place in the country to take a bunch of lady friends.

I recall you are out west or Mid west, so I know the snow you got yesterday is coming across. We will begin to get it after 6pm here in Ohio.

We really have not had snow this Winter at all. Flurries, no accumulation. My older brother lives in Denver, they are about 20 inches below average in snowfall. I'm just hoping we don't get it all in late jan and Feb and March!

Go out for lunch again, if you can locate Olive Garden. I know they are in the Denver area. All the best, LoretXX


Hi Loret, I Love the Olive Garden. I rarely go there though because of the prices. I did get the soup & salad once, it is a reasonable price, and their minestrone soup is wonderful.

Yes, I am in Nebraska. We have the strong winds again today, with just a hint of dry snow falling. We got about 1 inch of snow in Nov & then again that month about 3 inches. Nothing since then though. I hope this doesn't lead to another drought time this summer.

I'm making a late lunch, as I was out looking for Christmas clearance stuff. I found 75% off at 2 places & then 90% off at one place. I got the cutest Santa Blanket with sleeves for only $1.50 and some matching Santa slippers cheap too. I have to brag just a bit-a 2x2 piece of chocolate fudge for 9 cents! I should have taken all 5, but enough is enough. Although, I also got some holiday milk chocolate M&M's for 96 cents. I prefer all the colors, but I can't beat this price so I'll have just red & green for awhile. I am addicted to M&M's.

My toaster oven doesn't toast anymore, so I'd better get my bread out before it gets too dry. Have a happy day & stay warm.



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