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update on the gutted theme

I have had a call form the divisional manager for neurosciences, a very nice lady who apologized to me and said she and her staff were all very upset what had happened to me.

I said thanks but that wasn't enough and i had put in a formal complaint. She said she wasn't surprised and i was right to do that.

She also said she would try as hard as she could in her position, to get me a date for my op, and will get back to me in the next few days.

oh well,l at least someone in the management realized it was possibly not a good" patient centered" decision as i did get her to admit the decision was number based only!

hope i hear soon


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Glad you have someone looking into this for you, least she agreed that what had happened was bad. Good that you have put in a formal complaint too.

Hopefully when they give you your next op date they will keep to it!!

Hope you hear soon.



Well done Allanah - it's important that managers have to see how it must feel to be in the patient's shoes too.

My friend had spinal surgery by a neurosurgeon in Aberdeen in June of this year. And while her treatment was first class from the moment the neuro surgeont saw the x-rays and MRI imaging and realised that she needed surgery immediately (same day) or she'd be wheelchair bound and require a catheter for the rest of her life - she was very shocked to be discharged two weeks later without a wheelchair or anyone to help her get home. And when the plane home was cancelled she had to make her own way home by boat (very rough) and no transport was available the other end (her partner doesn't drive) when she came off the boat at midnight with a bandage half off and no pads for her temporary incontinence. Her experience beggared belief really and I was so distressed for her after hearing this tale that I couldn't stop thinking about it.

She has written to our health board complaining now and has started a phased return to work. But the other shocking part of this tale was that when she was air ambulanced down with no sensation whatsoever in her lower half - the registrar who saw her in a&e dismissed this as sciatica and it was only because it was too late to fly her home again that he agreed to x-ray and do tests and keep her in overnight. If she'd lived in Aberdeenshire she'd have been sent home and would then never have walked again? So the NHS needs people such as you and my friend to make them aware how appalling these experiences truly are or nothing will improve ever.

Rooting for this to be a case of third time lucky for you. Tilda xx


Dreadful story about your friend, i know i am not life threatening or anything but its big to me and my family. So hope i hear something tomorrow as the leaflet says expect a reply after three working days.

And it will be fourth

Wednesday cancelled

Friday took of the trolley

Monday cancelled.......................................etc etc Axxx


I know it is really terrible Allanah - I told you that story to make you feel less alone in the shabby way you've been treated not to make you feel less important. Spinal surgery is quite a thought and being got ready, psychologically prepped and then to be turned away twice in one week is intolerable. Lots of love Txxx


Oh Tilda, I know what you meant and I am so grateful for your support my friend! I am just in rant mode and keep going back to my rant !


Oh heck even I'm in rant mode just now Allanah - have just been on my high horse all day and need to be beaten down with a cricket bat now I think! Put it down to foul taste coming back after 7 weeks absence - I don't like everything tasting metalic and pooey all the time?! NOTHING on what you are going through I know but just making me ranty and grumpy to have it back again that's all. Let us know when you get the red carpet treatment you deserve so we can all root for you like mad. TXXXX


Yes, I'm glad you made a formal complaint too, because I know from my experience of living in another country that actually complaints really do help change health services for the better. I always get quite upset by the fact that folk in the UK don't complain enough and put up with things that elsewhere would actually get them massive amounts of compensation. I'm definitely not one for suing health services (especially public funded ones), but I do think complaints should be made, and It shouldn't necessarily be seen as a "nasty" thing to do - the NHS really does need feedback about decisions and actions that aren't right, so they can take steps to change.


I used to work centrally in the public sector and it was remarkable how few letters of complaint we got, but how seriously each one was treated. Especially if something came from an MP, so do consider copying your letter to your local MP too. The one teeny positive thing about living in a world driven by targets is that most public organisations also have to record complaints, so they do count!

But more importantly I hope this is it for your run of bad experience, and you get a firm date soon with a red carpet laid on. px


Just about to put up a blog about the reply to my complaint I thanks A xx


Allanah, my thoughts have been with you recently, frequently, wondering if they had ever come through with a new appointment for your surgery. Then, I sure do hope you get the relief! I do so know the anxiety accompanying preparing and going through the whole procedure. To have it taken away is just deplorable, thoughtless, inhumane treatment! I was just livid when I first read about that, so much I couldn't respond! Hang in there, it surely should be the red carpet treatment for sure!! All the best, love, Loretxxx


Thanks sweetie, love Axx


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