Update with the rheumy

My rheumy was very helpful this morning. She's very business-like, but she confirmed that I am still flared up. My bloodwork showed a decrease in inflammation, but when I asked she said that doesn't necessarily mean I ought to be out of pain, and that if my joints are still swollen and sore, the disease is not controlled. We're discontinuing the sulfa because it's starting to really exacerbate my chronic gastritis, and putting my prednisone back up to 10mg /day. I'm starting on lefluonamide and decreasing my mtx to protect my liver. My gp called me!! I don't think I've ever had a doctor do phone consults with me, and he apologized(!) for my game of doctor pinball. He suggested I try Advil liquid-gels, because if my stomach can tolerate that it will give him a better idea of where to go next. My acquired brain injury worker came and took copious notes, then took me down to the pharmacy to drop off the new prescriptions. I am incredibly sore today, but I'm still feeling hopeful. I do have a team and they *are* on my side. The rheumy said I need to stay on the lefunprouncable for a minimum of six weeks before we can look at biologics, but she's certainly willing to take that route if I must.

Speaking of hope, my hubby found this in the Canadian news, which could be incredibly promising for those with neuropathy (yes Twitchy, I thought of you at once) globalnews.ca/news/2020558/...

xx Bats

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  • Glad you had a good consult with your doctor. Hope things settle down a bit soon.

  • It's good that you can still think about the needs of others when you have so many yourself. Personally, I find that thinking of others and how they can be helped , helps me. Not just the - Oh how much worse is that for someone else (although that has some effect!), but the actual thinking of someone else's needs and removing the attention from my own - which otherwise I tend to concentrate on too much and become resentful.

    I don't know if that makes sense, but I was impressed when you have so many problems that you thought of someone else's.

  • It's great when you feel that the medical specialists are talking to each other and trying hard! It makes so much difference to my mood as might all hurt just as much but having a sense of hope for future is really important. Hope the Lef.... works well for you.

  • Hi Azabat, I have been down the road you are going down, and indeed you need to be on certain DMARDS before you qualify for any biologic, this is especially important if you need insurance coverage, not being on for long enough can disqualify you, and not being on enough different ones can disqualify you.

    It sounds like you have a wonderful doctor, I am lucky to have a fabulous Rheumy too.

    There is a drug called Vovimo, its a naproxin (aleeve) type, but prescription strength, it has a stomach blocker just like Celebrex and is easier on the tummy. I suffer IBS and have issues with lots of drugs but the Vovimo offers pain relief without upsetting my tummy and bowels.

  • Are you meaning Vimovo Hobbits? Naproxen & esomaprazole, generally prescribed when there's a history of gastric or duodenal ulcers.

  • lol yes nmh's

    I reiterate my spelling is terrible!

  • Oh I wouldn't dream of interfering if it was just a gramatical spelling mistake Hobbits, it's only with it being a drug, a bit ocd where drug names are concerned. Big mistakes can happen with wrongly spelt drug names as one of the staff at our Pratice found to her cost!

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