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Well friends,i am back on steroids for the time being. I tablet a day. We will just have to wait and see. To say i am fed up is an understatement. I have to have another blood test for the dr as she wants to look at my thyroid to see if that is in anyway causing my tiredness. I feel abosolutley useless. She was very nice to me and listened to what was being said.

sylvi. xx

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Oh dear, but must be for a reason, and it is only 1 tablet. At least if there is something linked with the thyroid it does give a justification for the tiredness... It is often the not knowing why something is happening is so frustrating and stressfull which then has an impact in your overall well-being. Good that the GP listened!

I am still waiting on reasons for why I am as I am - been waiting since August and frustration levels high!!! At the point of wanting to stop all medication to see if I start to feel better, certainly can't feel any worse!!

Hope you are able to have a restful day if you are feeling tired today - take care, and listen to your body.. Easier said than done I know!

Hazel x


Hazel,I like you feel like getting rid of all the pills.I am tired and very fed up,despite my dr doing everything in her power to sort me out.

You take care, love sylvi.xxxx


Hi Sylvi, just want to say I'm sorry that you're feeling so awful right now. Hopefully your Dr will be able to help you and at least it's a positive start that she listened to you. Also I want you to put all notions of being useless out of your head. You're a wonderful, lovely, caring friend to all of us on here when we need someone to talk to. Psychologists get paid a lot of money to do what you do every day out of the goodness of your heart. Stay strong

Paula x x


Paula that brought tears to my eyes. It has been a very trying time for me one way or another.Thank you for your lovely words,it means a lot to me. Love


How true Paula, Sylvi always boosts the morale of others on here, but at present she needs all our love and support to get through this latest stage in her life. Keep fighting girl, you will get there, you did it before and you will again, we will keep banging the drum for you until you get there. Here's to you and the winning post! Take care. xxx


Hi Sylvi,

I agree with the others, you need to let us look after you!!

My thyroid packed up when I 20, and I have been on medication since - when I was feeling knackered a few months ago I thought it my my Thyroid playing up again - no it was fibro!!! But the feelings are almost the same.

I know how you feel, I have cried loads today and feel useless, exhausted and in pain - oh the joys of chronic conditions!!!

Take care hun, and I hope you get some answers soon, and more improtantly, some respite from the last few months x

Pen xx


Hi Sylvi,

Like the others have said, you give us strength every day when we are down, fed up, etc.

I know you won't give up, but can understand you are feeling down.

As Paula says, you are a very kind lady, who can always be relied upon to give words of advice or support.

Thank you for being you.

Hugs from Mary xx


HI sylvi you have always been there to give us ur words of wisdom and trying to cheer us up if we are down,i felt tired like you about 5 years ago i would fall asleep anywhere anytime,it was my thyroid my weight was like a yo yo and 2 years ago they took it out but when i told my rheumy about thyroid trouble he sat up and listened to me and said it is closely related to ra which i never knew anyway enough of me,you try to rest and hope you get sorted soon xxx


I have had thyroid blood tests before and nothing showed then and i didn't think about that. Thank you for your lovely words,it means a lot. Love sylvi.xxxxx


Thank you ladies, i really appreciated your words. I don't know when this will end. I am exhausted by it all, I am fed up with being ill. I try to help with my words and it has been turned at me and i thank you ladies. Love


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