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Blood test question

I've noticed on this forum that a lot of people talk about their blood test results and some even get their results through the post!! Wow

Well i've never had or know this before, i never get to know my BT results. When i see my consultant which is now every nine months, she will get them up on the computer and just say "your bloods are all fine" and i am confident ( i think!!) that if something is amiss i will be called in asap.

I'm on Mtx so have to have monthly blood tests and would be interested to know my results and to compare each month,so i shall be asking next month at my next appointment.

I suppose this is down each trust having their own way of doing things??



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Hi Lyn

I too have blood tests regularly, my consultant sometmes fills my meth book in, I sometimes ring my GP and ask specifically for my ESR and neutraphils count -as they are the ones I have problems with and sometimes I request in writing to have a copy of my results.

I explain why I need them and most times its ok!

Hope that helps!



Meth Book? i haven't got one of those either, now i'm feeling really left out!! LOL

thanks for your reply and hope things are going better for you at work!

we're nearly half way through the term :-)

take care

Lyn x


Hi Lyn I would also like to see my results so I am going to ask about getting mine too after each blood test - good idea! I also have monthly tests and it would be good to know what is going on with our bodies! You should have a mtx book - I was given mine when mtx was first prescribed and it is filled in every time I see the rheumy nurse. I would deffo ask about one. Hope you have some joy with getting your blood test results. Mags x


Hi, when put on Disease Modifying Drugs you should be given a monitoring book which tells you a little about the drug and potential side effects. It also has a contact number in case of emergency.

I get my bloods done at the Muscular Skeletal Department in the hospital. I've had a monitoring book for the 3 different drugs I've been on (Sulphasalazine, MTX and Leflunomide).

The results from the last test are written in each time I go every 4-6 weeks (It's been that regular due to low counts for the last 12 yr). It also means I get to monitor any changes and see if my diet affects them.

Ask your rhumy nurse about them.

Beth x


Interesting Beth!

I've been on Sulphasalazine, hydroxychloroquin and now just Mtx for the last four years, i have never had a monitoring book.

thank you for your reply x


Hi and your welcome.

I've always assumed everyone gets them, we all do at the unit I attend.



My gp can look at my results from the hospital as our practise has access to hospital files.I only have to ask him and he gets them up. I only found this out when hubby went to see about when he was in hospital,we wouldn't have known he could do that. I don't have a book with my results in,but i only have to ring my nurse to find out.



I got my monitoring book from Boots when I got my first prescription, and I did have to ask the doc/nurse to get the BT results, but they've always handed them over when I've asked. I find it comforting to look at my ESR and CRP slowly dropping.....


When I lived in Wolverhampton I used to get my bloods done and the results of the previous ones were put in my book. The rheumatology dept had their own dedicated blood clinic. Now I'm in Leicester I have to take my blood forms to a general blood clinic at the Glenfield because my GP doesn't do blood tests anymore and the results are sent to my GP and I have to physically go to the surgery to get them. As a result I often don't get them as it's too much hassle. I don't know why they can't put them online. I can order prescriptions online why not access to my blood results. Be a lot easier.


Hey Arthur,

My GP prints the test results out for me. (I had to ask though but after the first few times they are used to me requesting them now)

I do have to physically call in to collect them though but I also fax the details to my Rhuemy as on occasion the blood results havent been sent on.

Perhaps you could ask for a copy of your bloods?

Take care



At my Gp Surgery were my bloods are taken ( sent to hosp labs) they get the results on their computer from the hospital

The HCA who does my bloods writes the previous blood tests results in my monitoring book!.

Any one who does not have a monitoring book should request one from their rheum dept or Gp surgery.


thank you for your replies everyone,

Summer, my bloods are also taken at the Gp's (and sent to hospital lab) which is really handy for me as it is 5 mins walk from work. I don't know if they can be accessed from the docs, i don't think i've seen the Doc for at least a year. It's a nightmare trying to get through on the phone to them so if i had to keep asking for my results i wouldn't have the patience to wait on the phone! But i will ask my consultant about it.


Lyn x


Hi Art, and others! Over here in the US, it is a legal issue that you must be given results of all blood tests, xrays, MRI and CT scan,etc.if you ask.

When I see my Rheumatologist (Dr.) I just ask his nurse for a copy of my lab work and take it home with me. He gives me a standing order for the year, and then I'm supposed to have the lab done about 2-3 days before my appointment. That way he has a current lab while he is seeing me.

I'm not familiar with your health system, what is a consultant, is that a doctor, or a nurse, or Physician's Assistant? Would love to know.:) mention going to the surgery, but you're not having surgery. Is that the Dr's office? Or a clinic with many Dr's and other specialties? Thanks, I need educated :)_Loret


Hi Loret,

The Consultant is the Rheumatologist or Doctor that specialises in Rheumatology at the hospital. When we say Gp Surgery we mean the place where we see our doctor, know as a GP - General Practitioner.

Thanks for your reply.

Lyn :-)


Thanks Lyn. I was getting confused when some would post seeing their consultant, and some would say their Rheumy. :) Loret


All lab results are on a computer and it seems to me that it should be a basic right of all patients to be able to track their own results. This is the sort of thing that NRAS could help champion. Of course some of us will not be interested but some of us are. This is not rocket science.



I'm amazed at how different it is around the country. It would make life much easier and give us a little control/reassurance if we were given a monitoring book with test results entered regardless of where or who takes the bloods.

Beth x


I have my bloods done at my local surgery by nurse and she fills in the last results. I then ask for a print-out which the secretary does and bring that home as well.

My doc will print off any info I ask of him, especially the consultant's letter to my I always know what each of them are saying about me!!!!

Jan x


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