To take mtx today or not?

I've just picked up some blood results and I'm wondering whether to take my mtx today.

WBC: 11.2 was 7.4

Lymphocytes 4.1 was 2.3

ALT/AST 73 was 21

The other one which is raised is red blood cell distribution width 14.1

ESR 34 - had gone down to 25 last month was 46 in Jan

Potassium  is lower at 3.5 was 4.3 in Feb

I was at the end of a week of oral steroids 30mg day


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  • Hi Moomin, 

    You better ask your Rheumy or nurse. 

    Have a nice day!


  • What are the ranges of those results? Clemmie

  • Hi Clemmie

    Potassium range- 3.5-5.3



    Red blood cell distribution width -11.6 - 14

    Lymphocyte count- 1.1-3.5


  • We aren't allowed to give advice on this forum, however, I would contact your rheumatologist or nurse or GP and ask their advice. You obviously have some inflammation going on and your liver doesn't look too happy. So, personally, I would wait to take the next dose of MTX until you've spoken to someone. I know it isn't always so straight forward but really you should have been given some advice when you got those results. Clemmie

  • Thanks for your replies- I did ring the clinical nurse who's systems were down! He said don't take it until they can look at the results online. The doc's just said nothing unusual  - they never seem comment on my results. ...or the hospital come to think of it! It's only because I have them printed out that I can question.

  • Just goes to show why we need to be so clued up about our own health - GP's should be but they aren't. So we need to understand the tests and question when we see that something isn't right. I suspect that they will want to do your bloods again next week to see what's going on. Clemmie

  • I must be lucky, when I failed my blood tests, the GP picked it up the next day. And rang me to say I needed an appointment to discuss. I spoke to my Rheummy Nurse who wasn't concerned, although she ordered follow up tests, 2 weeks later.

  • See below...oops!

  • ...I have just read a comment made on here that someone's alt was raised significantly after taking diclofenic.  When I had my last tests done I was at the end of a week of 30mg prednisolone,  but previous to that I'd just completed 2 weeks of 150mg of diclofenic daily. Maybe this has raised my alt - I'll mention that tomorrow when I ring the clinical nurse.  I'm just hoping their systems are up and running, as they weren't today. I don't really want to miss a week's mtx. Unfortunately though, I have to attend my nephew's baby's funeral....going to be a tough day.

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