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Hi everyone I hope this finds you all all as good as can be.just to update you I've just had my 6week phone consultation with rheumo nurse,she was just over a week late,as I started week 8 of mtx Monday,but she apologised and here's what she last 3blood test results were very good,no worries at all,esr from week 2 was 28 and week 6 it was down to 19.she said this is what they were hoping for and mtx seems to be working liver kidneys and blood count are all fine which is very reassuring,she asked if I was feeling much better,I said yes better but not pain free,still painful in shoulders especially right one,and fingers stiff in mornings,my knee is less stiff defintly and ankles very much better,still have pain under feet if walk barefoot but ok in my hotter s lol !! I thought I would be seeing my consultant dec 6th but she tells me I am seeing her,which I don't mind,were going to see how I am then and I wud have had another blood test by then and if still feel some pain she's going to up the mtx a tiny bit,as she wants me to feel no pain?she was so lovely and reassuring and she said I am defintly on the right tracks.she aims to get my esr under 10 ,but 19 is good and shows her its working ..well there you go you're all updated lol !! I now am going to do my Asda shop but its so cold out there I could easily stay home.lots of love and hugs to u all Michelle xx

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Hi Michelle great to hear that your bloods are doing well and that the pain is improving good luck and hope things continue to improve for your meeting on 6th Dec let me know how it goes. Done my shopping and back for 10am not going out again today too cold and raining.

cris xx


wow Michelle that all sounds really encouraging and I bet thats a bit of a relief for you. Its nice when the nurses are good too as it makes you feel they understand. Keep going!! loveAxx


Hiya that great news, its must be nice to receive such a possitive phone call.

Was hoping to go shopping myself today, but have woken up this morning With a crippling pain in my left knee, I haven't felt this pain for a long time,

so i have decided to stay in and rest and pamper myself with choclate lol, My lovely sister has decided she would get me a few bits to tide me over, What would we do sometimes With such great support,

I'm really happy for you michelle,

Take careXxxx


Michelle,it is a pleasure to hear some good news for a change. Lets hope that when you go in december it will be a lot lower. xxxxxxx


Fab news x


what are hotter s ?? sounds like a need a pair ..

great news , michelle .. its great your rheumy team are explaining everything and in touch ,, even tho a week or two late .. happy shopping !! check out the soft drinks on " rollback " cola, two 4 one :(


Hi andy,I ordered a pair of hotter boots and padders slippers,as have very painful feet wen I walk,these two designs are for people who may have problems with their feet,they are both cushioned and feel I really comfortable when I wear them.they do men's too,so if ur feet are being naughty give them a try.i got mine from shoe o ternational online.lacey works at Asda so I get a discount which is good,but nxt week its double discount day so I'm saving my pennies til then ! , lol xx


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