so the last time i did a blog i was telling you how i was planning on going into hospital to have steroids in my ankles and wrists, well this went ahead. i had them last week and i felt the difference within a few days, they really do work for me! i now have a lot less stiffness in my ankles making every day walking less painful. They couldn't have come at a better time for me as i now only have 17 days left a school and the last thing i need on my mind is the pain..now this is under control for the moment i can focus on getting through my exams and finishing school. im hoping for these steroids will last a good few months as they have done before.

nice feeling to write a positive post!:)

hope everyone else is doing okay..Sophie xx

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  • Great news Sophie. So glad to hear that you are doing well. Get there exams under your belt then enjoy the summer..

    Best wishes


  • Wonderful news Sophie :-) hope they last a long time for you. Good luck with your exams lovely. Sending gentle hugs. Janet xxx

  • That is great Sophie but please pace yourself so that you continue to feel the good effects. My middle son is at same stage as you - a few weeks left of school - hope to think he would be as brave as you if he had RA - good luck for those exams! Xx

  • Great that the steroids are working in time for your exams. Wishing you the best of luck.


  • Brill Sophie!! You are brave getting your steroid jabs done, my daughter would have run a mile as she has a needle phobia, but it really does make u feel better . She has 21 days left to go and now starting the worry re exams too!!! I think u r brill getting through all this RA stuff in this busy year. Great long hols ahead though!!!!! Lovely to hear from you again xxx

  • Sophie i am pleased for you and you will do well in your exams i just know it. Lets us know the results when you get them.sylvia.xxx

  • thats brilliant new hope it goes on forever for you

  • Sophie well done to you i really hope steroids keep working for you.Good luck with your examsxx

  • Good luck with your exams

    Can't wait to hear the results!

    My son is also about to start his


  • What great news and good luck with your exams XXX

  • What a hero! I'm sure other students think they're having a bad time. They can't know what it's like to face exams & RA at the same time. Good luck!

  • Good news and good luck with exams x

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