Hospital visit

ive lost count of the number of hospital visits , over the last few years ,, but this time it wasnt to see the Rheumatology Department or not even the rheumy nurse for a blood test or not even X rays ...

it was to visit my sister .. whos just given birth to a beautiful baby boy .. kaidan,, 8lbs 15oz .. both mum and baby .. doing well ... what a refreshing change it made to walk in and out the hospital with a big smile on my face ..

well until , i got back to find the new hospital car park fees ,, cost £3.80 for just over a hour to park ... what a rip off ....

was worth every penny tho :) :) :)

p.s .. will see if i can post a pic ...

uncle andy :) x

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  • Uncle andy we would love a piccie of your new nephew. Well done to your sister,send them my congrats. It makes a change to go to the hospital for something other than ra.xx

  • Congrats uncle Andy, good wishes to your sister and nephew too. Know what you mean about parking costs I'm going Monday for 1st Rheumy appt and going to get dropped off rather than park. Don't know how long I'll b there but bound to be cheaper in petrol than parking. Dont live far from hospital anyway ( too far to walk even when well and not a good area red light) so wouldnt walk anyway . Anyway enjoy your new nephew

    cris xx

  • Ah lovely to hear Uncle Andy ....great to hear nice news :)) Claire x

  • wonderful news, love the babys name Axx

  • Congrats Uncle Andy, but more important, well done Mum. 8lbs 15oz, Blimey!

    Pleased all went well and everyone happy and healthy. Congrats again.

    Liz X

  • congratulations Uncle Andy! What a lovely way to start November off..... x

  • Congrats uncle andy,!!!!! Lovely news thankyou !! Xx

  • What lovely news!!!! You must be really proud uncle andy!!!Xxx

  • Congratulations all round Uncle Andy! Have you bought him some little sunglasses yet?? xx

  • you cant buy a new born , sunglasses .. "silly" ..

    any ways !! ive already bought him something .. a full size football .. :) xx

  • I was just thinkIng the same, little baby blue heart shaped sunnies...... Enjoy some happy visits to hospital...Pollyx

  • Yes I too think that some mini heart shaped shades would be the perfect gift - good stuff uncle Andy - now get that image loaded up so we can all goo over your new nephew! Tilda xx

  • whens the cresh start andy congratulations

  • What lovely news - congratulations on becoming an uncle :-)

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