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Afternoon all. Hope you're all well. I'am due to see my rheumy soon and was wondering if it'll be okay to ask for a copy of my blood results which I have to have every two weeks. What do they actually look for? He is currently checking CRP, FBC, ESR, Liver profile and Creatinine and Electroytes... Sorry if I'm coming across thick! I have no idea what some of these mean. These are the only ones he's checking. Someone who I spoke to said that he should be checking on more... Plus when I go, can I request to have X-rays done on some of my joints to see what damage has been done? Thanks again xx

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Some clinics provide a booklet for these results. I have one and it details the tests and what the results mean.

For example, CRP/ESR both show measures of inflammation.

FBC means Full Blood Count which is a general test which includes lots of the measures you need. Liver Profile includes AST/ALT and measures your liver enzymes.

Creatinine concerns kidney function.

These are all in my booklet along with Hb(iron levels) and others concerning the size and health of white blood cells. (WBC)

Hope this helps.

Also, have a look at this web page.


I think it depends on what drugs you are taking as to what bloods need to be tested. I have mine tested at my every month, and I have a booklet for the results to be tests are because I take mxt. Not sure if you can request xrays, as prob any changes would be picked up by the consult, but theres no harm in asking


Hello Lou

You are entitled to a copy of all correspondence between Specialist and GP,the actual results of tests you will need to ask your GP.if a copy is available for you to see.

When you go into hospital or clinic ask the reception where you check in for a copy, you only need to ask once and you will get a copy every time you attend for treatment.

Now you are also allowed to see your medical records at the GP SURGERY, although you cannot take photostats, you

will need to arrange a room in the surgery to see these records they are time sensitive so you will only see records from when record were taken on computer. I have never asked to see these as most of the test results are to technical for me to understand.

The letter will actually tell you all you need to know regarding treatment results and medications so actual lab tests I feel are not worth seeing

With regards to Xrays they are taken on average once a year unless they feel there is something wrong and they need to confirm some part of symptoms. There is no real fixed time for these

With regard to SCANS, sometimes they can be taken every time you go to the Specialists Clinic if required, sometimes they will have a portable machine so they can check a joint if required, if He feels you need further tests he will send you to Xray to have a more accurate scan. The results if done in Xray will be given to your Specialist and possibly passed down to your GP or your next visit to the Specialist. I had several scans yesterday.and the Technicians explained results as clear, generally they may refuse to tell you at that time.It takes about two weeks up here before you know results.

Tests done we can ask personally as long as I am in certain limits I am happy with that, they will soon tell you when something is wrong My blood tests are taken every two to three weeks because of DMARDS. this is because of my sensitivity to these medications

Good Luck


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Thanks everyone. Bob - I'm on methotrexate and when I went to the pharmacy, they asked me for my red book. I wasn't given one. Do you know anything about this? Xx


I got my methotrexate monitoring booklet from my chemist, as they used to ask to see it before they will give me the next prescription. Here's a link to the booklet on line that you can print out.

When the doctor requests blood test they often ask for things like "liver profile" which will be a number of different tests, so don't worry that you're missing out. And yes you should get a copy of the results, and I get mine from my consultant/rheumy nurse as I have bloods done at the hospital rather than the GP. I find it useful to keep track of them myself as you get to see what's normal for you. But it's up to you. As Bob says you could ask for copies of the letters instead, personally I like both!

And you can ask for whatever you like, such as x-rays, and really don't feel shy about asking. Ultrasound is also useful to show inflammation. But it will be up to the consultant whether they think it's worth doing. Even so,just by asking you'll probably get a better explanation from him/her about what damage they think you have.


I have a blood test every 2 months as I am on mtx. A few days later I go to my surgery and get a print out of my results which I put in my book. When I was on monthly tests I got it filled in at the next blood tests but I don't like waiting 2 months. I like to keep a very close eye on my results, even though I know my GP does too.


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At my surgery you can go in a request bloods results they are printed off while you wait also my Rhuematoid will do it if I ask.


They are your results - why shouldn't you ask for them? It's your body after all.

I get annoyed at the inference that I'm not to be trusted with them! Usually I find that the doctors are fine, the nurses less so (often too protective) and the receptionists don't have access to them themselves.


I think the more information, the better. You can look over your test results and ask your rheumy to explain what some of the tests are, and what the results mean. I've also gone and Googled things like "neutrophils" so I can better understand the components of my white blood cells and what the tests might mean (while also making sure that I don't allow myself to get swept up in hysteria!). I think it's really good to have an ongoing record. In Ottawa, Canada, my rheumy charged me a fee for copies of my blood work, but my GP gave them to me for free, so I call up my GP's office a week after each blood test to have them print out the results for me.


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