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Sore mouth

Good morning, any feed back would be appreciated, after being on sulpha for 3 months been taken off it waiting to take leflunomide, I am still on hydroxy, been on this for 6 months.I have been experiencing a dry/sore mouth, blamed it on the sulpha, but I still have it so now thinking is it the hydroxy, thanks for any replies, Carole x

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This is something to go see your GP about. It may be that you are low in something (folate?) that they can supplement, or they may be able to suggest some other treatment. Do you actually get mouth ulcers? If so, then thats a sign that something autoimmune is a bit out of control still.

You could also see your dentist if its the dryness that is the problem. Dentists will be able to advise you on how to avoid that (because dry mouth can lead to a lot of tooth problems.)


Hi earthwitch, an odd ulcer but my mouth feels bumpy, does this sound silly, I constantly wake in the night and the dryness in my mouth is awful have to drink. Think I will see my GP,

Thanks for the reply


You could have secondary Sjorgen's syndrome....another auto-immune disease sadly. It is quite common among people with RA, like buses once you get one auto-immune disease others seem to follow. I have it but mainly dry eyes rather than mouth. There are artificial saliva products, sounds disgusting I know, but could help. Talk to GP and maybe prompt him discretely to think whether it could be this. Polly


I have a sore mouth and tongue too just now . About to go to nurse for some B12 and folate tests after seeing Doc. Had this when on Sulpha years ago. B12 injections and multi vitamin sorted me out. Wee visit to your Doc will hopefully sort you out. Best wishes k3let xx


I have made an appointment but can't get in till next Monday, thanks for all the replies

Carole xx


When I was taking sulpha last year I suffered from a really sore mouth. I came off the them and I now take leflunomide and I haven't had any problems with my mouth since.

Hope things get better for you soon.



Are you taking leflunomide on its own and are you finding it okay, I won't be starting it for another week, glad you had the sore mouth, (not really) you tend to feel you are going round the twist one thing after another, thanks Carole


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