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hi i have been taking leflunomide for 4 weeks now , side affects ,trying to cope with the ones i am getting with this tablet, but the one which is upsetting me is my mouth is so so sore, it driving me mad ,, as was so mad on salazopyrin and hydrochloride. so trying me make this one work along side my methotrexate injection, as fed up of all the set backs i have had , any one help me , jo.xx

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  • lol was ment to say bad , not mad, well i am that as well ,:)

  • This is something you MUST report to your rheumatologist or GP. It might be as simple as increasing your folic acid that gets rid of it. Please don't just put up with it - you shouldn't have to.

  • I agree with earthwich, how often do you take your folic acid. I take 5mg 6days a week. On the day of my injection I do not take my folic acid.

    You should check this out 1St.

    Also orabase paste is good for ulcers. Need to get this from your doctor.

  • yes iam on the same folic acid as you, do have biotene mouth wash, helps a little bit but cant get it no were at the mo, is more for a dry mouth , got it in the gel , till the mouthwash come back in stock, , but will ask about the orabase paste, thank you, waton3.x

  • thank you , iam on one folic acid a day , but not on Monday when i inject , got to see my rhem 2morrow , so will tell him, hes is very nice, but , ever black and white with him very blunt . thanks earthwitch hope you are good.XX

  • Hi

    I think you should get this checked up as they can change the drugs, but also i thought mine was ulcer but ended up as oral thrush and I had no idea!! So get the medicine and its sorted , i do get a very dry mouth and i get glandosone spray which isnt that helpful and am looking for ideas of what is best for the dry mouth. Axx

  • difflam mouth wash good for sore throat /mouth

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