"Sore mouth"

I suffered with a sore mouth when starting Methotrexate and was told to up my folic acid to one a day except the day I was injecting. That answered the problems until this last week. I have been injecting Enbrel for about six weeks and this week my sore mouth is back. The Enbrel nurse doesn't think it's that and that the Methotrexate is again the culprit. Anyone had the same or any suggestions please?

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  • It is the medicine, I have RA, they have tried me on everything, they should cut your dose of Methotrexate, I take 3 once a week now, and Folic Acid daily, I have just stared the infusion of Rituxan yesterday, I hope I don't get those moth sores again , but its causes itching, and they give you Benadryl and Claritin/....

  • I've been on MTX since 2009, the first year on tablets, 15mg & ever since injections 15mg, 17.5mg & 20mg & never had a sore mouth. I take 5mg folic acid every day except MTX day but do use Corsodil mouthwash after brushing my teeth, maybe that's had some effect, not sure. I know MTX can make you miserable by causing mouth ulcers & soreness so I'd see what your Rheumy suggests, definitely something to report to him/her, particularly as it's happened before.

  • After I'd been on MTX a while I started getting mouth problems. Like you increased folic acid helped loads for a while, but it then came back. I was then switched on yo MTX by injection and have not had any problems with my mouth since - and that was maybe 3 years ago now! Maybe ask about injecting MTX?

  • I am already injecting - but thank you for replying!

  • MTX was the culprit in my case. Lowering the dosage of your MTX may help - it worked for me. Not only was I getting really sore mouths but lots of infections which also stopped when the dose was lowered. Perhaps a possibility to discuss with your rheumatologist. Jude

  • I know this isn't quite the same....but I had a blood boil inside my mouth a few months ago and after bursting it, rubbed a slice of cut and pressed,raw garlic , to release the juices, around the area, it also helps with gum pain - and it's not like eating a meal with cooked garlic you should have a garlic breath.

    For me it healed the skin, and stopped the pain, so I hope it may help you. also it's a natural product, not a manufactured medication.

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