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hi everyone just a little advice what is goin on about this dla changing to pip cos i rung up dial see if they could give me some information cos i have been awarded a life time award and they said they do not think it is going to go ahead has any1 else heard this if so please put my mind at rest didnt ask for this illness nor do i want it but i can not change how things are thanks ord

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Hi Ords

Firstly a lifetime award of DLA means nothing these days, DWP can assess/review your award at any time. I've been in receipt of DLA mobility element since 94 (lifetime award), I requested a review in Dec 2010 and had middle rate care added with an indefinite award of both care and mobility.

The change from DLA to PIP (personal independence payment) is definitely going ahead next year, I think from April/May time, it was included in the welfare reform bill which the government pushed through. The change will be similar to the changes/migration from IB to ESA. Whoever has won the contract for your area will call you in for assessment and advise the DWP of level of disability. Or at least that's what we think will happen.

There's still a lot of uncertainty about the format of medicals, and benefit amount is thought to be approx the same level or a little higher, and government ministers say the rate will be slightly higher for the people who need it.

Hope this helps

Beth xx


hi beth i was awarded dla in august this year low rate care nothing for mobility,i got told yesterday i now have oa f hips and am gonna have a hip replacement,but they are gonna try prolong the op by giving me streird injections,do u thing i should inform dla of new diagnois? or just leave as it is hanks sheena xx


Hi Sheena

Asking for a review is always risky as they can withdraw benefit, but on the other hand the law says you have to inform of changes.

When I asked for a review I spoke to my consultant and gathered evidence to support as I'd also had to leave work on health grounds, also spoke to a few disability organisations to gather information from various sources I also spoke to the disability commissioners office prior to requesting review.

My advice would be to talk to CAB and DWP carers and support line for advice, gather any evidence supporting your request and get some help with the forms. If you can prove that the condition has got worse since you filled in the original forms you should stand a good chance of getting low care and mobility at the very least.

Good luck xxx


I got told by someone in CAB that they will be concentrating on new assessments first, then on people with shorter awards as they come up for renewal, and then last priority will be getting around to reassessing lifetime awards (unless something changes a lot for you).

I think its pretty certain you will be reassessed, but I can't see it happening for several years yet.


Hi Ords

I thought you may find it helpful to read our recent article on PIP:

But as the others have mentioned, your local CAB or the Benefits Enquiry Line (0800 88 22 00) should also be able to answer any questions you may have on this.

Kind regards

Sarah Kate



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