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Has anyone had experience of sending off Pip forms and then them cancelling your claim because they didn't receive them? This happened twice now and really not sure what's going on, even had a consultant letter with my last one, which would prove the date I sent it. I am 28 and my little girl is nearly 2, the RA has completely dented my confidence and I'm having counselling for anxiety and depression. The thought of having to do the forms again is making me ill :( just wondered if anyone was in a similar position?

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  • A bit weird that mind y with the Tories in charge nothing would surprise me it's probably been throwing in the bin

  • Have I read you right? - you've sent in two lots of PIP claim forms, and twice they've told you they haven't received them? Does "cancelled your claim" mean you're not allowed to apply again, then? Try phoning Citizens Advice, they're very good with stuff on benefits. And if you DO send in a third form, post it by "must be signed for" method, used to be called recorded delivery. Don't give up. I hope you've got family /friends to support you in all this. I've sent in my first claim form, am waiting for "what happens next" ! Wishing you all the best. x

  • Hiya hun I sent mine back 3 days late so my dla was suspended until the c.a.b write me a mandetry appeal explaining why was late. They accepted my reason 6 weeks all in with out my dla and my severe disability of 4 weeks. If did send my appeal recorded as was advised to due to then sayin they've not received it as they do lots. Still tried to tell m they hadn't received it until I told them was recorded so they must have. Was all apologies then they found it. Rang up yest about my severe dis as my dla payment was given bk to me they told me I have to reclaim for it again so in other words I av now lost the 4 weeks nearly 5 weeks I'm owed or shud be owed

  • So sorry get an experienced advisor who will handle everything

    I had a verbal decision 4 sept. Still waiting a letter !! Hugs to all

  • I always photocopy anything important like that before sending off, even if you have to pay for photocopying it makes it so much easier - so you don't have to request important documents ie from consultants again because some letters from Docs/consultants you have to pay for.

    When I sent my PiPs stuff off I rang them a week later to ask if they had received them, and they kindly offered to ring me back the day they received it, which they did.

  • I had a man from the cab to do mine ,he was brilliant.He told me to send the form recorded delivery.good luck.

  • hi sorry to hear about this, please send via recorded/registered post the post office counter staff can tell you which one to use. And that way you will have proof that you have posted the form, were if possible try and send photocopies of any important docs.

    Also visit CAB for their help and advice, please dont give up you are entitled to this money.

    warmest Craig

  • Hi I would always get forms doctors letters etc. Photo copied before you send off also your claim is from date filled in so it makes back pay less if you have to keep reapplying. Would send special delivery as that has to be signed for, recorded doesn't . Hope this helps Ann

  • That's terrible. I am in the process of pip at the moment. I rang them the day before it was due to ask if they had received it. I was so relieved when they said they had. The wording of the pip letters is so awful saying that if they don't get it back on time this application and current benefits could be at risk. It makes you feel like a beggar!

    I had help from the welfare rights dept at my local council as I find filling in the forms too stressful. They then sent the form by first class post. They also gave me some advice about the assessment.

    Could you ring your gp and ask if they know what help is available locally with applying for benefits. I feel it does take a lot of the stress out of it all.

    I also rang my mp's office one time, to ask for help about benefits after a repeated ESA claim form, and they also referred me to welfare rights.

    All the best.

  • I know its not much help to you now but, as a warning to others - ALWAYS take photocopies before sending off official documents. I too had "lost" PIP forms, but as a worker with ex-offenders, i knew this was a regular occurrence with statutory organisations and had taken photocopies before posting.

    My commiserations - these forms are bad enough to fill in once let alone twice.

  • Its also useful to take a copy for when you have the assessment so you can read over what you put to refresh your memory especially if you had help filling out the form. Farm

  • Like previous replies always photocopy everything you send and also signed for delivery. I then print the signed for signature and the post office confirmation on delivery with date and time. The only time I didn't send doing the above they stopped my payments and reinstated when I sent copies in as I'd sent originals. 5 months later they sent back the originals they said they had never received!!! I took this up with complaints dept, lady very pleasent but she investigated and finally had to admit that she didn't know where all my private data and info had been for the 5 months but I could claim compensation because they had received it and cancelled my payments, it was their fault. Apparently when they receive forms this isn't recorded anywhere so it's your word against theirs. Always send signed for its worth the money.

  • You have probably been advised already what I am going to say but I photocopy everything I send to DWP and send everything to them by special delivery. This is tracked and costs a little more to post but it covers you when they say they havent received it. I had this said to me when I sent my ESA application in but when I told them what time date and who signed for it at their end they then said they have received it. It still took 8 months for them to send me to assessment but they couldnt deny receiving my application and proofs. Also if you have photocopies of everything you just have to photocopy them again for them if they need them. Seems they will do anything to try to keep the numbers down. Good luck and dont give in thats what they want. Gentle hugs Joolz.x

  • I have just rang for a mandatory reconsideration as was awarded the standard rate of disability no mobility at all. I was on dla receiving both on high rate. My health has gone worse since 1st claimed dla. Yet they offer u less and knock u of another I truly don't understand this pip at all. But worse as the face to face assessment lady. Blatantly lies about a lot if things I av told pip all this so now I need to get doctors notes and something else waiting on letter now to remember what I need to get for proof

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