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PIP update

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Had my assessment through this morning and been awarded enhanced care but standard mobility. Got 10 points out of 12 for mobility, this means that I will have to lose my Motobility car. Have to see if they give me the option of purchasing it which I would do.

Glad the waiting is over as it was stressful not knowing. I won't be appealing the decision. It's being reviewed again in 2021 and have to apply again in 2022. 😔

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Well, it's at last come & now you know. One thing though, as you were only 2 points short of enhanced mobility & lose your Motobility is it not worth requesting Mandatory Reconsideration? You could easily make up 2 points if there's anything that's questionable in the award notice or anything you feel aggrieved about, anywhere you've been misunderstood. I'd request a copy of the assessor's report anyway, read through the mobility section thoroughly & see if there is anywhere the assessor didn't fully comprehend, eg how helpful it is to have your car or even distances you can walk according to the descriptor, if you can't walk the distance considered safely, repeatedly etc, that is if it's different to what you claimed. Think about it, there's more info here citizensadvice.org.uk/benef...

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Pulfs in reply to nomoreheels

Thanks for advice will think about it xx

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I agree that it's worth appealing, or wharever they call the process now. Personally i find it stressful and therefore disorientating if I'm not within sight of the car, knowing that on a bad day i may have to stop several times on the way to the car. Does standard rate mean losing blue badge too?

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Pulfs in reply to Elogue

Yes you don't automatically get badge but will have to prove to council that it's necessary so I guess it will mean a doctor's letter x

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nomoreheels in reply to Elogue

Receiving standard care Mobility doesn't necesarily mean you'd lose your Blue Badge, it depends on where you live & where you scored the points. In England & NI if you're awarded 8 points or more in the 'Moving Around' part of the Mobility section you automatically qualify. If you don't you can still use your BB until it expires & there's nothing to stop you applying to your council to renew it, mine sent a reminder but I'm not sure all do so best to check the expiry date & reapply a few weeks before it runs out.

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nomoreheels in reply to Pulfs

I'd call them & ask for a copy of the report anyway, can't harm & you can see the assessor's interpretation/explanation for the reasons specific points were given.

I do hope u get to buy ur car .mobility are ment to give u 1st preference to buy it .I was awarded 8points for care and at mandatory given 11points cause of consultants evidence .1point short of full care lol.let us know how u get on x amy

When I asked for a copy of assessment it bore no resemblance to what I had told the assessor. I told her my car was parked about 5 metres from my desk and she wrote 35 metres which meant I got lower rate. I have asked for mandatory reconsideration, still waiting to hear outcome of that. You have nothing to loose asking for a copy. You can then check to make sure it was typed up correctly.

Thanks for your reply x

I would appeal I lost my car because they gave me 8 points when I appealed they gave me 10 points still not enough but I did buy my mobility car of them

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I have been able to keep my badge

Hi glad you've heard and its gone your way. Sorry about you loosening the car. Mines same reviewed 2021.x

Hi my PIP assessment was exactly the same. I lost my mobility car in 2015. I did get a grant of 2000 from mobility but it unfortunately wasn't enough to buy my car. Hope you are more successful as it's such a stressful time x

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