Do I take my medication?

Have woke up this morning with a cold. I am due to take mtx today and Enbrel tomorrow. I have taken mtx with a cold before and no problems but am only on the 5th injection of Enbrel so don't know if it is ok to take the combination of these medications with a cold. I have no temperature and it is just a head cold. Hope someone out there who has been on both can give advice, Many thanks Jeanette

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  • I was told to check if I wasn't sure . Personally I would put them both a day back and talk to Rheumy or gp tomorrow. Xxxx hate colds yuk !!!! X

  • Thanks Allanah Lol so do I. Wondered why I had been so tired and niggly for a couple of days. At least I now know why x

  • Ha ha , well keep it to yourself lol xxxx

  • Hope all goes well when you call Rheumy or gp today and your cold is lifting xx

  • I was always told if your on antibiotics don't take your mtx.xxxx

  • I have had problem with swollen glands etc but was told to keep on my humira etc. I thought you only had to stop if you were to have invasive dental treatment or surgery. Will be interested to know what you are told. Good luck.

  • I think it is only bacterial infections, or the possibility of getting a bacterial infection. that we should stop the medications and only return a couple of weeks after we are better [or have healed from any surgery] As a cold is 'merely' a virus I have not stopped the medication I was on and had no ill effects.

  • Hi Jeanette

    I think Allanah's right, better to double check with your rheumatology team or GP.

    Hope you feel better soon.


    (NRAS Helpline)

  • My take on this is to keep taking the meds and only stop if it lasts more than 2 weeks. I know I can go 2 weeks without mtx with only minor return of RA symptoms so i stop taking meds if cold wont go. All a balancing act for me as to which is worse the cold or RA.

  • Hello Ermmmm red face here, not a cold just my hay fever. Blame it on the recent sunny weather. Taking anti histamine tablet as getting injection site reactions from my Enbrel injection (newly) on it. The day before injection and guess what no cold next day. Thanks for the advice though.

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