I have the cold from hell, and I'm missing medications because of it

To be more specific WE (Kelly Matthew and I) all have the cold from hell. I had chest x-rays, but it doesn't sound like they found anything urgent. Lila, my gp's nurse is trying to get results before the long weekend, and said that the delay in response is a good thing. She's an amazing person; I'm really grateful for my care team. My question is how long a grace period do I have before I start having symptoms again? I'm on Enbrel and mtx. The weather is quite unsettled and I swear my hands and knees are sore, but perhaps that's just the cold from hell making itself at home?

It's silly to moan about a cold, but honestly, I've coughed so hard my throat feels flayed. Chai tea with honey and lemon is my favourite home remedy (though I have to watch my blood sugars.).

There. I'm done whining. Now for three things that make me happy.

My cat curls up with me while I'm napping, usually on my hip.

There are roses along the way to my house. (mmmmmm love roses)

I'm wearing the necklace my son brought from Japan for me, and it reminds my of his visit.

I try to keep perspective in my complaining :)


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  • Well, at least you all have a cold each, so there won't be any jealousy! Poor you. Colds are really rotten. I asked the same question when I had to stop Enbrel and MTX because of an infection. The fact is everyone varies, but several weeks. Provided the tests are all negative, you should be OK. I only stopped mine when I had to take antibiotics (they would argue). If I had a simple, however horrid, cold, I didn't stop.

    But a cough is more threatening, I agree.

    It's terribly late. I've been painting for hours and have really overdone it, so must now crawl into bed.

    Nightie Morn, Jo x

  • I'd selflessly give away my cold, but nobody seems interested. Odd, that. I called my rheumy when the cough started and they told me to stop both. Like you say, once the chest xray comes back clean I'll start up again.

    I'm glad you got lost in painting, but having to crawl to bed is terribly undignified. Pehaps a little moderation? (says the pot to the kettle)

    Good Even morn to you, too. xx


  • If your not on any antibiotics i see no reason why you can't take your medication Bats darling,but ask your lovely nurse to see if you can take them. Hope you and your family get well soon darling.xxxxxx

  • Hello Bats. I've had a terrible cold too and it definitely makes the old joint pains come on. I am on mtx and Remicade. I always skip my mtx until my cold subsides. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful about meds.

    You have every right to whine. I know when I'm poorly I hate to complain to my family because it makes them worry and I hate being a pain. So I whinge away here. And I don't need to feel bad about it as everyone understands. So whinge away, I say!!

    How lovely to have a cat. 🐱 I have lung disease associated with RA so I'm supposedly not allowed to have a cat. But the urge is very much there to say ' screw it ' and get one anyway as from experience I know they are so therapeutic. 😊

    I am Japanese and yes it's a beautiful country a wonderful place for a visit.

    I really hope you and your family get over your colds soon.

    Cas xx 🐞🌹

  • Hallo Azabat. I do sympathise as when I get a cold it is always a cold from hell. I become very feverish and can hardly see my way around. Yes, it is just a cold. My sister was the same. When she saw the ENT specialist about her sinuses he explained that she and I had an allergy to the cold germ. Maybe that is what you have. I should ask about this.

  • I may have to downgrade to having a cold from heck. Yours sound much worse!

  • You are not moaning.I really hope they find nothing serious and you can get back on your meds soon.

    Keep eating loads of oranges, remember your sons visit and enjoy your cat and the roses.


  • The current favourite beverage in my house is a nice spicy chai (ginger, cinnamon,cloves) brewed strong and laced with honey and lemon. It's as close to Russian Tea as I can get without leaving the house :)

  • Sounds comforting and warming. Do you make it yourself.xx

  • I cheat. There's a local company that blends teas, so it's just a tea bag and voila!

  • Cheating has it's uses.


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