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ATOS medical

Hi everyone can you be thinking of me tomorrow morning, I have a medical I presume because I have had a few weeks ESA? I will go tomorrow and see what they say, mind you what happens if your GP thinks you are not ready for work and writes sick notes? when I'm ill will ATOS look after me will they write my prescriptions and do my bloods and talk to my Consultant? If I knew how to record from my phone I would record the interview just for a laugh ha ha lol and all the rest... Sorry being pedantic now!

I had a letter on Friday after the rethink of my DLA telling me again that they will not be giving me anything. I am not going to appeal it really is a waste of my time and energy, trying to prove that I am disabled. I can walk and talk so I'm ok or is that fit? Anyway I'm not in so much pain and take alot less painkillers now.

And for all its worth I am applying for jobs, part-time and local hopefully I will get something soon, at 59 I've had lots of experience but then a few years ago I would be able to claim state pension next year and who wants to employ someone for a year, but now I can't get state pension for another 5 1/2 years, so who wants to employ an oldie with RA?

My ESA pays £71 a week hopefully I will get a job that will pay more than that.Oh and becausse its contributions based I have to pay full council tax and prescriptions ( I do have a prepaid card)thank fully.

Hope you all wellish too


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I will be thinking of you! and wait to hear the outcome?#

I am appauld as to how we are treated and really want to get involved and get started - I just dont know how too?

Take care, try to sleep and maybe check on line to see how you record on your phone - it can be done, so give it a go!

Good luck, Pen x


Carol you must appeal my friend, you have paid into the tax system so why shouldn't you get something back,not only that you have a disease that will not get any better than it is now. As you say you will be retiring soon anyway.

I hope it goes alright tomorrow carol. Love sylvi.xx


Hope all goes well tomorrow. I was in same position as you but my contribution based esa has run out now so entitled to nothing. Also looking for a little job but as you say who will employ us. Good that you can keep your sense of humour. Good luck tomorrow.

Regards sharon


There is more than one way of getting free prescriptions, and you need to check if you are eligible for any of the others. CAB can help you with that (the disability welfare person preferably as they will have more info that just a volunteer on the desk).

You can actually get a low income prescription exemption by filling in an HC1 or 2 form (available from jobcentre) if you don't get income support but are on low income. i'm not sure how it works if you are married, but as a single person I am definitely eligible for the card even though I work as my income is below the threshold. It gives benefits for dental and optometrist too if you fit the criteria. Definitely worth having but not something that is given to you automatically. Its a fairly easy form to fill in though, and really just requires confirmation of income details (unlike DLA and other stuff that make you jump through all sorts of hoops).


Council tax and housing benefits are also income related and if you aren't getting the benefits automatically through getting income support, you can still apply direct to the council for the benefits if you are low income. Something else to ask CAB about, or just phone up the council and ask for forms to apply for the benefit.


Good luck my friend. X


How was it? Hopefully better than you feared. Px


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