ESA appeal tribunal hearing today

Today is the day so spare a thought for me this afternoon as I attend my appeal hearing. The great thing is that as my husband works and my contributary ESA ran out 5th Jan I'm not even entitled to ESA payments any more. I'm only attending in the hope of being put into the support group so that my NI contributions get credited for my old age pension. Isn't it a wonderful society that supports those who never work into old age but hits the sick and disabled at every turn. I'll let you know how it goes and hope today finds you in good health.

Paula x

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  • Will be thinking of you and crossing all the things I can xx

  • Thanks Lisa, I'll be glad to get it out of the way to be honest because the stress has been a nightmare. Just keep telling myself that this time tomorrow it'll all be history :-)

  • Best of

  • Good luck, I hope it goes well for you.


  • Paula i will be thinking of you good luck this afternoon.

  • Thank you ladies, I've just finished getting ready as if I fail I can at least look good doing it! I've blown my hair and put makeup on, not something I do regularly as it hurts my wrists, takes an age and uses valuable energy. The problem is I now look really well.....damn my foolish pride!

  • I am thinking of you the system stinks you deserve better x

  • Hoping everything so well, Take care Shirley Xx

  • Sorry I came to this late. How did it go Paula? So hope you didn't fail. Tildaxx xx

  • Well I did my best but the original decision was upheld. It appears that in April last year when I had my Atos, a few weeks before my official diagnosis of ra, when I was in the most dreadful pain I have ever experienced I was fit to work. Hmmm. Oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained. At least it's over now and I can move on. Thanks for the good wishes x x

  • Is there nothing you can do?

  • I don't think so Cathie and to be honest I don't have the will or the fight. Im currently looking for work anyway and we live on my husbands wage. I was just hoping to get into the support group in order to get my national insurance credits as I know Im not fit to hold down a full time job right now. Its just gutting to have medical evidence ignored and be told "everyone gets tired going to work". I know that, I've worked hard all my life. They were just horrible.

  • They say what goes around comes around, not really true unfortunately but honestly, what kind of people do they get to sit on these appeals? How do they sleep at night? Very badly, I hope. Sorry to hear about the result Paula, at least you tried.

    Luce x

  • Good luck

  • Meant to say good luck got the future what about DLA

  • Thanks Saffron, I won't be applying for DLA as my ra is not bad enough to qualify thank god. I'll be looking out for a part time job if anyone will have me lol. Not the best climate to be looking for a job though with all the cuts.

  • Maybe some of the experiences you have been and still are going through direct you towards helping others, Age Concern etc just a passing thought this type of work will never stop but is not paid great either but good luck

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