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ATOS Medical Panic

Hi All,

This isn't really a question so I thought I'd blog.

I've been browsing this site for a few month's now, when I was referred to Rheumatology Dept after having problems with my hands and fatigue.

Before then I was on ESA due to Depression and Anxiety. I was due my medical last September, but after filling out my form and telling about my newly diagnosed RA I wasn't called for a medical.

I new it would be coming...........And today it arrived, my appointment for a medical (no form this time)

I'm writing this now, because I'm sat here feeling so sick and panicked and just needed to tell someone.

I know this sounds bad but the thought of failing and having to go out looking for work at the moment fills me with absolute dread. Who would want to employ me? I fall asleep at the drop of a hat, I panic, and cry at the slightest thing. And oh how I hurt, I'm lucky not to be in the pain as I know some of you are, but a trip to the shops or a spot of housework really means I then need to lie down with some painkillers!

I'm sorry I'm sounding sorry for myself and hope you understand I needed to just 'say' it :)

Appointment next Tuesday, and my follow-up at the Hospital is on the Thursday. Wish me luck.

Sorry again for the moaning, and I hope you all out there are having a good day xx

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Suz, make yourself cry at your medical and show them how bad you are eccagerate how you are, drop things and walk poorly. If you fail the medical don't panic as that happens a lot. Appeal the decision and you should get it in the end. As you say who would employ you like you are at nthe moment,thats how i feel as well.

I wish you well for next week. You will be ok they will get you sorted out in the end.

Luv sylvi.xx


Thank you Sylvi.

I have calmed a little bit now and am seeing my doctor this afternoon.

Thank you for reading my little rant and taking the time to reply xx

Will let you know how things go.


Och Suz, i think if you say to them what you just put there, it will be quite evident that you could not work at this time. All the best.


Yes I'm with these two Suz - just say it how it is. You have RA which is a registered disability so with the others I don't see how they could turn you down. Cheer up you'll be fine. TTx


Hi Suz, you sound just like I was when first diagnosed and again at the moment due to current health concerns.

The medical is a tick box exercise and sadly even if people do score enough pts 15, your not automatically put into the support group, many people end up in the WRAG (work related activity group).

This sounds much worse than is DON'T WORRY, it simply means you have to attend 6 work focused interviews to discuss things like benefits, access to work and options like any aids/addaptions you feel would support you getting back into the workplace.

If the worst was to happens and they say your fit for work, you simply request a copy of your medical, and ask for a review of the decision. There will be errors in the medical report (believe me there will be some) which is what most people base appeals on.

If you still fail after a review, you would then launch an appeal and put in a new claim for ESA, it's also at this point I'd advise you to gather any additional support you can. Contact your local welfare advice centre such as CAB, enlist the support of your doctor/consultant also, request a letter of support from any health care provider (doctor, physio, OT etc) anyone who knows how much you struggle on a daily basis.

If you are successful (which you might be) it's a 50/50 chance, none of the above matters.

Good luck Suz, my very best wishes.

Beth xxx


Good Luch Suz,

Try not to panic, its hard when you are at such a low ebb, I have been there. I would be very surprised if you were deemed fit to work, surely your medical records from at least your GP will support you continuing on benefit.

Beth has given you very sound advise. I have to say we all sympathise, I have to attend a meeting with my work doctor soon, to be quite honest, i am not going to panic its not my fault for being unwell, and I refuse to feel guilty for being ill. Would we choose to be like this? NO! Would I wear awful clumpy shoes by choice NO, would I walk slowly like a old old person NO!

Stand up for yourself, and cry if thats how you feel, personally I have had to take meds to cope with what you describe, panic and depression and I am not feeling a bit guilty about that either. In fact those pills help me stay strong and I am never giving them up :)

I wish I could go with you and have a coffee and a chat to help support you, but we are all behind you and have been thru similar, you are genuine and anyone worth their salt and with an ounce of humanity must be able to see that.

Hugs & support, Gina


Thank you Gina for your lovely reply. I know now that I just have to go with it and not let it make me any worse.

You're right, would we choose this life....No :)

Thank you again for your support and kindness


Hi I too am having major worry and stress (which has caused serious flare). I dont know what the score is, whats going on or how to react. I received a form to complete, then I received a telephone call to say following the result of my medical nothing changes (I havn't had a medical?) and that I would receive a letter to confirm this. I received the letter it said I had been put into work related group? Then I receive another letter which says I have to go to Job Centre to discuss how they can help me get back into workplace? This is on Friday. I am having a major moment, dont know what this is about exactly, what to do, how to play this or why I have to go in the first place. Ditto all comments posted so far, and Beth thanks for your comments, as Gina says sound advice.

Good luck Suz, try not to worry too much tell it how it is, says me having the same panic attack! Lorrayne


Hi Lorrayne,

I have been on the work related group, to be honest it's not that bad. My lady at the jobcentre was very kind ( I was always crying!!) and although she spoke to me about re-training etc she wasn't at all pushy. I think you have to attend 6 meetings. I'm not sure they do much good though it's helpful if you would like to change career.

I filled in my form last Sept and haven't heard anything till this week.

I know I will fall to pieces when I get in there, I'm ok in my own 'bubble' but any trip to the doctors, or any meeting of people and I end up in tears! feel such a fool but can't help it.

I'm hoping they will understand that I'm newly diagnosed and awaiting treatment (as well as still fighting the deppression)

As I've said to the other replies, Thank you for taking the time to reply:) it's good to feel the support out there.

Good luck to you also Lorrayne .

Suzanne xx


Thank you Suzanne for your kind response, on Friday afternoon I will blog and let you know how it went x


Hi, I think many of us are feeling anxious about the benefits changes. I am waiting to see if I get a summons about the PIP replacement for the DLA. I think a hip replacement would be easier to deal with?

I found this link in the FMA UK forum discussing what to expect at one of these ATOS meetings, so it might give you some idea of whats in store. It doesn't seem to be a medical. Just an exercise at jumping through their hoops.


Hope it all goes well for you x


Hi Suzanne,

I was just going to leave my own blog, but thought I would reply to yours.

I have just had a phone call from Atos and feel totally lost with what is going on. I will put my chain of events on, but just wanted to let you know that I totally understand how you feel.

I look forward to hearing how you get on, but in the meantime, try to rest (easier said than done) and take care



Thank you Pen, Good luck to you too. It is very confusing. It will be interesting to see how our meetings go.

Take care



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