ESA medical? Help

Hi, I'm supposed to go for an ASOS medical today as I am claiming ESA but I'm going to have to cancel and ask for another appoitment as I have got a stomach bug and have had since early hours of monday morning and the medical is 30+ miles away but can't be that far away from the loo. Will they go mad at me canceling and having to reschedule? And will it effect my benefit? I'm not trying to get out of it I'm genuinly not well! I have RA and hyper mobility syndrome. Any advice I would be grateful. Becky x

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  • Phone the office where the meeting is being held. They will send you a new aappmgmtmdmt. Keep a record of why you cancelled because they will ask you at next assume. Hope you feel better room.

  • Thank you. It has been worrying me all morning

  • Hiya, same advice as long as you ring them and explain you r ill, they may ask for a doctors letter and if so just make an appointment for the GP , hope you feel better soon xxxx

  • Thanku I rang them and they have rescheduled but I forgot to ask if it will effect my benefit? X

  • I had to cancel my 1st appointment with them, as it was in the school holidays and i couldnt drag my 2 youngers with me, they were ok about it, Hope stomach bug goes soon x

  • After you've cancelled can you not ask for your next appointment to be a home visit, a thirty mile journey sounds tiring enough to me without the medical too :/

    Good luck and hope you feel better soon x

  • Hi hope you feel better soon. Can you visit your doc once you are able to leave the house? At least get your bug officially noted down on the GP file/computer etc. Good luck anyhow with the appointment.

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