Painful lump on foot

Painful lump on foot

Recently diagnosed, only really had pain in my hands and wrists sleight pain in feet but last couple of days have had more pain in feet and ankles so I literally just checked my feet out as you do and saw this lump which is painful to touch. Is it a rheumatoid nodule? Or something else? Haven't started Meds yet as seeing rheumatologist again in a few weeks as he wanted me to have xrays and MRI's and blood tests again.

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  • Turn image clockwise to view picture properly. My unshaven leg should be at the bottom of image but when loading pic it turned it sideways. 😉

  • Ouch it looks very painful. You should go to your GP to give you something to ease your pain until you see your rheumatologist.

    I wish you well


  • Thanks Sue. Just worrying I don't know what it is... RA perhaps. I haven't knocked it or fallen.

  • I do think it is another swelling due to RA. I don't want to give you "false" medical advice, but please see if your GP can suggest something. This dreadful disease just loves to run wild.

    I think you are smart to take a picture of this. I too have started a photo journal because I have discovered some times the swelling just disappears the day of the rheumy appointment....then reappears the next day...such a nasty disease.

  • Oh I know. Just looking for support I guess as it surprised me when I saw it. I will see if I can get my gp to see me tomorrow to give me some Meds whilst I wait for rheumatologist. It is a nasty disease, one I never thought I'd get.

    Hope you're doing OK with your RA Sue x

  • GP visit or A&E visit necessary to identify the cause of this problem.

  • if that's your knee and the lump is the back if the knee?? struggling with picture/ orientation it could be a bakers cyst?

  • No its the front of my foot near ankle but on top of foot.

  • wasn't sure from your pic what part of the body it was.. sorry looked like back of knee, because couldn't see a foot??. don't know what this could be sorry

  • It looks just like my foot did when it flared up. I would feed that back to the rheumatology team as they need to know that your disease is active.

  • Thanks all, I have appointment with my GP this morning as I wanted to get some pain killers until my next rheumatologist apt in 4 weeks so will mention it to him and see what he says.

  • Do you have any allergy reaction to food or medication?

  • Not on medication at the minute and no allergies.

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