am having a bad day, tell me will this happen with fibromyalgia. I'm so tired and i ache , my head is all funny as well.I'm very weepy as well. Its not very nice outside today,its raining. I know that i'm only in the early stages of treatment and i know the drugs will be upped or changed as needed. I just need to know if this will happen so i can relax about how i'm feeling.

Number one son who has gone on the cruise ships had lost his phone and my daughter had to ring o2 to get it blocked, now he facebooks me to tell me it has been handed in at the ship, then my daughter and i had a falling out, won't go into that as it hurts. I love both my children the same,but at times one need help more than the other. Maybe this hasn't helped. I went out sunday evening and had a good time, but ever since i've gone downhill, i can feel it coming. Does this make sense to anybody.

I'm at the hospital thursday for ra so they will probaly tell me more. I've also got to go back to the gps when my drugs are due, so i'll go back early to the docs.

Sorry for being miserable, i try to be cheerful just that today its hard.

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HiSylvi, so sorry you are feeling so rough and after the lovely time you had at the wedding as well. Can't help with fibro myalgia as don't suffer from it but others on this site do so hope they can help you with that.

Rows with children are a common occurrence so don't let it get you down. Glad to see your son's phone has been found so that you can keep in touch with each other. I wonder also the fact that your son has gone off onto the cruise ships, whether that is part of the reason you are feeling low?

Do speak to the RA consultant on Thursday and tell him/her how you are feeling. You shouldn't have to suffer like this at all - also your GP will be able to help. Mine has been very good this last week.

I think you do know when problems are starting to make themselves felt. If I have overdone it, I can feel a flare up coming on even if it is several hours before it causes trouble with my joints.

Don't apologise for feeling miserable. We all get that - it is part of having RA as well as everything else. This forum is so useful for letting off steam and getting support from other users. We are all here for you when you feel low and also rejoice with you when you feel better.

Hope all goes well on Thursday. let us know how you get on. Love LavendarLady x


Thanks lavebderlady, it cheers one up to know we are not alone. I will let you know how i get on. I'm going to feed next doors cat then i'll get something to eat and get into bed tonight and watch tv. Talk to you friday.

Sylvia. xx


I think you have had a lot of worry? and this has added to your symptons. I find that stress can aggravate symptons.. so hope you feel better soon at least you can still contact son albeit by face book.. !. perhaps your daughter senses you miss your son and its sibling rivalry. I dont know and its personal stuff. so just to say I wish you well.

. I have experienced hassle/ back stabbing at work. today, today of all days when my parents go to see the consultant and all the team to see what if any thing can be done for him.. my head is tight at back and bothersome but I


Computer just froze and entered the above text before completion another worry.!

im off to get hard drive shortly.. the virgin media is doing a background virtual back up ( all my personal stuff)for me.. it will take a day! they save it remotely!, just did some cpd dangerous stuff with this pc but that is stored remotely too!.. I will prob disappear at some point if computer fails completely


Hi Ali, how did your parents get on today? Hope they had some better news. Lavendarlady x


you might be right there summer,but when she had problems we bent over backwards to help her,not once but twice, but as shes dyslexic she forgets i'm afraid. We all seem to be in the same place today. The weather doesn't help. Its pouring with rain here today and as the winter is coming early and i suffer from winter blues as well. I might as well shoot myself(cracking a joke honest) You want to tell them at work to sod off, they don't know what their families are going to have in time. Hope your parents get on ok at the hospital today.

Take care

Sylvia. xx


Children are a bit of a roller coaster aren't they. I've had lovely sharing, moody 41 year old teenager, and quite understanding adult in the past week. As for the winter, I'm not looking forward to the winter either as I was stuck in the house for weeks on end



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