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from MTX to Cimzia

Hi all,

I am wondering I am currently on MTX, Sulfasalazine and Hydroxychloroquine and while the latter 2 are safe for pregnancy, MTX is not, and so I am replacing it with Cimzia. (getting married in 3 weeks :) I have heard that Cimzia is a good drug, but I wonder if anyone has gone through the same transition and can share their experiences and compare the drugs. While I hate the side effects of MTX (chipped nails, nausea and just feeling that its poisonous), it has given me a huge amount of relief. I hope to hear that Cimzia has given people the same relief or better. And has anyone breastfed on Cimzia? any tips about it in general?

Thanks, and feel good!


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I have been on Cimzia now for over 2 years and it has worked well for me. However I just checked the pack leaflet. Due to lack of experience it is not recommended in pregnancy. Also normally it is also prescribed along with MTX, also not recommended in pregnancy. Men are also recommended to be off MTX for 6 months before conception

I really feel sorry for women with RA wanting to become pregnant. You have to make choices on your treatment between controlling the disease or the chance of having a child.

My wife and I did not meet until we were in our 30s and then she had an early menopause. We understand the pain of being childless.

Here is a link to the pack leaflet.



Hi Noa,

I started taking Cimzia in Sep 2014 and have got on with the drug very well - I started feeling the benefits immediately and am now in remission. It is recommended that a low dose of methotrexate is also taken as my consultant explained that it is thought this may help prevent your body developing immunity to Cimzia.

I've checked the leaflet distributed with Cimzia (dated 2014) and as mentioned in one of the other replies, the information states "there is a lack of experience with Cimzia in pregnant women. Therefore, the use of Cimzia is not recommended".

I would definitely seek the advice of your medical team as there may be further information about the current position.

NRAS under their list of 10 healthcare essentials for people with RA state:

"Get information and specialist care if you are planning to have a baby. Your RA will need to be more tightly controlled and monitored...You should expect care and support from healthcare professionals at every stage from preconception to postnatal care". I do hope that you find the help, support and advice that you need.

I wish you all the best,



Hi all,

although Cimzia is licensed to be used in combination with MTX, it can be used as a monotherapy:




I used cimzia as a monotherapy for nine months. It worked really well and very quickly, then lost its effect. Tried it with methotrexate after that but it wasn't effective so now on abatacept. I hope you can find a combination that works for you and congratulations for your wedding, hope you have a wonderful day. :)



I hope it does work for me!

thank you for your kind wishes



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