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Hello all. I got diagnosed with RA about 3 years ago and have gone through most of the DMARDS. I inject MTX weekly and have now been accepted for the TNF Cimzia. Like most of us I have looked on line about this med and yes it is a bit scary. I have had a heart attack and surgery 5 years ago so do have some concerns. I have lost just over 2 stone since end of May and I've noticed a side effect of Cimzia is weight gain, has anyone on Cimzia experienced this. I also wonder why I've been put on Cimzia in particular. Any advise would be most appreciated.

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Hi teresa2711,

NICE sets out the guidelines that should be followed when people meet the criteria for being put onto biologics. There are currently 8 biologics, 5 anti-TNFs and 3 others that target different cells.

The way in which these drugs can be prescribed is complicated and there are different routes that your rheumatology consultant can go down when prescribing. As is the way with the standard DMARDs, each rheumatology team have their own way in which they prescribe. There is no right or wrong way. I have put a link to the section on the NICE website about biologics for you. A little light reading!


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


Hiya - Firstly fingers crossed Cimzia really helps you - it changed my life !! I was like you failing dmards, in so much pain , off work, hobbling along like a 90 year old at 44. I chose with my fab rhumi team Cimzia as you only have to inject it fortnightly and also had spoken to others with success stories with this medication. I've been on it for nearly a year now had a recent flare but apart from that it's been fine...I now work again, run around after the kids , swim at least 3 times a week for 45 mins and yay can wear normal shoes !!!! I didn't gain any weight from this medication. I never want to speak to soon as RA is very unpredictable and things can change overnight but for now things are good and I really hope they will be for you too ...Claire

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Thanks Claire, your comments have really helped


I've been on Cimzia foe about 18 months now with 20mg of mtx and I've got to say its made a very big difference to my way of life, as for weight gain I've had the opposite I've lost just under 3 kg mainly from being more active and getting my fitness back.

With the increase in fitness I've found i'm able to manage my pain and fatigue better.

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Hi if you read the side effects of any drug it lists almost everything now. I was lucky enough to be on cimiza for many years the difference itmade to my RD pain levels was amazing. Everyone gains weight when they eat the wrong things. If you find the cimiza makes you gain weight then be even more careful with what you eat and drink... Nothing I have found gives relief like Cimzia... You will find a new lease of life


Hi been on Cimzia now for 18 months and it has been a great help keeps me active. I can easily go out on my bike and do 30 miles in an afternoon. It has helped with the fatigue, I have more energy.

My weight has generally gone down not up due the exercise. At my last rheumatoid clinic the nurse said "I don't know why I bother weighing you, it never changes. " I know if I my weight goes up it is due to eating more. Cimzia has not affected my weight.



I started cimzia in June this year and although the initial loading doses were a little rough, I'm now really starting to feel quite a bit better. I've been taking steroids either by injection or orally for a year now and I'm just starting to taper down my dose which is fab.

As for weight gain, I'm a little too 'cuddly' and I have put on a little weight over the last month or so, but I know that's cos I've been eating the wrong things and the oral steroids don't help. But I haven't put much weight on and I know it's down to my eating habits (chocolate in the evening!!) and I don't think the cimzia. it is a scary drugs when you read all the info but then I think all the RD drugs are to be honest.

Good luck and I hope it gives you your life back as it seems to have so many others, that's what I'm hoping for


Thank you all so very much for the responses I've had and all positive ones to. Not apprehensive any more but very hopeful to a more active or at least normal life. Many thanks - Teresa


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