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Just got home

Just got home from a few days in hospital, I wish I didnt have these 2 diseases (Addisons and Adult onset stills disease), with 1 or the other, I maybe able to feel better or cope better, but to contiuously feel craps not good.Sulfsalizine, Ibandronic Acid, and 2 water retention tablets have got to stop for 2 weeks, then a blood test, see my consultant for the next step!!! My kidneys were failing and sodium low, put on drips, 200mg hydrocortisone, followed by 3 x 100mg hydro, now back upto 30mg x daily.So now I'm looking forward to seeing my family and friends this week, got my Flu jab booked, has anyone else? Go for my assessment for the hydropool booked also, looking forward to having the warm water taking my weight off my legs and getting abit of exercise and meeting new people. The weather looks lovely here at the moment, hope you have a good weekend love Ann xx

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Hi Ann,

I'd like to know more about the hydropool. It must be very frustrating having the 2 diseases overlapping each other. Does sound as if you have a nice week to look forward to though, hope you really enjoy it.

Christina xx


Thank you Christina, my Rhuemy Consultant suggested it , I love swimming anyway but am not able to get in the water via steps cause of my knees,I have been for 2 assessments before, once was admitted to hospital due to being very breathless, second time, had a hip replacement, so third time lucky, fingers crossed. Has the hydropool not been offered to you? I would ask if it appeals to you, thats if your hospital has one. Good luck and take care Ann xx


Hi Ann - it must be so tough having these particular two diseases as both are quite rare I believe and both serious too. Poor you - but you are obviously have a strong spirit and I really do hope you get your shot in the hydropool on a regular basis - you deserve it! Tilda xx


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