Home Delivery Service

Home Delivery Service

Does anyone have their meds delivered? I ended up having my MTX delivered by the HomeService, organised by my consultant, as my GP wouldn't prescribe the injections, even though the tablets made me sick.

Got a call from them to say Meds would be delivered to me at work. I expected the 8 wks worth of MTX pre loaded syringes. A huge box arrived

8 x MTX injections

1 x box of 500 gloves

100 aprons

loads cotton wool

loads of plasters

Chemo clean up kit (already given one from hospital)

HUGE 'sharps' bin - already given small one from hospital

Will mention it on next hospital visit, as don't want them to be ripped off cost wise.

Positive is they have given me a list of delivery dates for rest of year, and liaise with consultants before each issue.

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  • I have Enbrel delivered by Healthcare at Home on a monthly basis, have done for 8 years or so and they provide an excellent service.

    The methotrexate pack you have received is a start up pack, this has happened before to a couple of people on the forum! You will only get this delivery once and in future they will just organise injection delivery. Worth giving the supplier a call to confirm though!

    The consultant will sign and send your prescription to the delivery service before the due date and then it all happens. :)

    Lyn x

  • This sounds great. One of my big problems is keeping a check on the meds. It is getting better but especially at the beginning, with all confusion and bewilderment of diagnosis and the brain fog from the pain killers, I used to stress about running out and often did.. causing more stress.

  • Like Lyn, I get my Enbrel delivered by Healthcare at Home every 4 weeks. Being able to check the delivery window online is great too, saves you having to wait in all day for the delivery.

  • sounds a good system.. some local pharmacies can deliver the other meds you ladies take too.. they can order your repeat meds too.. lloyds pharmacies.. call it express presciption service( used to work them my local one is more like a slow steam traim lol.... when diagnosed just under 18MONTHS ago.. went in for a precription.. and the pharmacist tried.. giving me a job.. on the spot.. hmm, not possible was signed off lol.. never mind she said.. with right drugs you will soon be well.... she is white south african... the health service over there better than my local hospital???!! aaagh

  • I have had a similar experience - I have 100 lots of 10 aprons - 1000! aprons - which are only used in the unlikely circumstances that I have to clear up a methotrexate spill - a spill that is not going to be more than 10mg of mtx, which I was about to inject into my body (so why do I need to take such extraordinary care in cleaning it up?).

    Injecting yourself is certainly better than having to go to the hospital for between one and three hours each week, but I can't say I enjoy doing it, which is not helped by the most recent batch of syringe needles being quite blunt, either that or have developed hippo-hide on my stomach. Last night I had to try 4 times, pressing quite hard, to get the needle in :(

  • Hi Tone, like Sue said below try a quick stab rather than pressing, that's what works for me anyway.

    mand xx

  • Thanks - I'll try that next week :)

  • Had my first delivery of injections last week.

    Delivered by Healthcare all went smoothly, got 12 week supply, 2 syringes per box, two wipes in each box, no aprons, no cotton wool,what would I want them for?

    Tone try a quick stab action rather than pressing, it may go in easier.

    I also got delivery dates for rest of year and can check delivery slot online.

    So far so good, very pleased with service...lets just hope the cimzia works as well.

  • Hi there, I also had Healthcare at home deliver my meds and they were brilliant, no problems at all.

    As for the MTX I live close to the hospital so I collect mine every four weeks, and anything else I might need, sharps bin etc.

    mand xx

  • I had this box deliverd twice too ! I was slightly freaked out by all the spillages paraphenalia.... and then fact that when i was being trained up, the nurse had plastic goggles on.......immm makes u wonder just wot we are putting into ourselves ?????

  • My nurse didn't even wear plastic gloves.........sorry but all this protective gear and H & S is just getting out of hand. We didn't have it when I was nursing 40 years ago and a patient getting a post op infection was as rare as hens teeth, these days the rarity is the patient who doesn't get an infection.

    My dad was laying in his hospital bed, with his body uncovered. He had 20 staples in a vertical line down his abdomen, plus two drains either side of the wound, and a drip in his arm. When I stopped a cleaner from doing the high dusting of the curtain rail above and all around him she looked at me as if I had asked her something indecent. The world has gone mad.................

  • I have my enbrel delivered by healthcare at home and just got a sharps bin the pens (injection needles) 2 alcohol swaps per pen and a delivery list.

    However I too am changing to mthx by injections and am due to have my first delivery on Thursday by Bupa Homecare, the info they sent me says I will be supplied with the pre filled needles, sharps bin, cotton wool, swabs and a spill kit. Will let you know what arrives x

  • Hi. I have my injections delivered by Healthcare at home, they have been fantastic, they ring you up a week or two before your delivery is due, you can keep track on line, and they have a pharmacist you can talk to also for advice if you need to. A great service.

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