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Hello all :)

Hey everyone how we all doing? Thinking of everyone, a lot has been happening since i last posted here.

About to start injectible mtx, not sure how i feel about it, but i am looking at it this way,its either do it, or my mobility is knackered, so take the mtx, still waiting for rhumy to write up prescitpiton and its been over two months, another phone call on that me thinks next week.

Got through the dreaded ESA assessments, the stress was so much ended up on morphine, but, the good news was i got the support group for 18 months, so that was something for a bit.

Have been trying to keep going, i do that by helping others, so busy campaiging, and as slyvi will tell you ended up on bbc news, thats been happening a lot lately, been on bbc london, channel 4, 5, and bbc 1 and radio 4, is knackering all this interviewing, and back to the houses of parliament again last week, Next week, the NHS. Am trying to pace myself, though, its do one thing one day, then rest, then do , then rest. Its learning the hard way.

Been busy writing, its still happening, have written a lot about RA lately and pain, etc, and I have some news for all of you at last. Finally after these many months. Yes, I really do hate yo-yo's living with the mood swings of cyclothymia and Rhuematoid Arthritis RA is finally coming out at last. It will be an e book at first, and a downloadable pdf and will avaiable via chipmunka publishing and on amazon. SO I wnated to share that with you, I am sorry i havent been aaround as much as i wanted to be , its been a crazy seven months for me, and so much to be done and still do.

This is my latest poem for you. Its called autumn.


I love the colour of the leaves

As they change on the trees

The reds, organges and the yellows

Rustic colours that look so mellow

They float around on the breeze

It is so colourful, a sight to see

The crispness of a blue autumn sky

The smell of a bonfire wafting by

The geese flying south to find some sun

The children scuffling in the leaves having fun

School supplies stocked up in the shops

Parents panicking buying a lot

The autumn wind and rain turns the trees bare

Then it's digging warmer clothes out to wear

Snuggling under a blanket or two

Enjoying a frothy hot chocolate with you

Drawing the curtains and turning on the lights

Just snuggling down and staying warm at night

Watching a programme on tv

That sums up autumn nights to me

Wrapping up and going outside

The smells and colours of autumn collide

A glowing face from a crisp cold day

So many memories to store away

I love the colours of the leaves

As they change on the trees

A beautiful sight, i think you'll agree

It's something i love to see.

Autumn is here again.

(c) paula. 2012.

Hope you all enjoy,

thinking of everyone, and sending hugs to you all take care, love paula xxx

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Thats is so beautiful paula. xxx


Glad you like it slyvi, am planning on sending you a copy in a card, it is on facebook wall, thinking of you and massive hugs, hope you get some sleep sweetie xxxx


Autumn - sums it up lovely! The best time of the year I love it, and the poem!


Thank you georje glad you like it, hope you doing as ok as can be.xxxx


That poem was lovely, hope your ok x x x x


Thank you glad you like it, creativity is coming massively at the minute, thank god for a dictaphone so i can talk into it. take care and a cyber hug to you. Paula xxx


Hi Paula - good to have you back on board! Tilda x


Hey Tilda, How you doing? Sending gentle hugs, xxxxx


Love the poem Paula and good luck with the MTX injecs.

Take care Beth 48xx :)


Hey Beth, thank you. how you doing, sending hugs to you, havent heard anything about the mtx injections, still watiting, thinking of you, gentle hugs to you hang in there sweetie, paula xxxx


Hi Paula good to see you back again. Wondered where you were??

You certainly have been a busy lady.

I love the poem too. Sums up autumn in such a beautiful way.

Looking forward to the book. What is the title??

Best wishes



Hi, how you doing, sending massive hugs to you, thinking of you the name of the book is Yes, I really do hate Yo-Yo's publsihed by chipmunkapublishing, its on their on line shop click on new products and you will see it, by paula peters, (me) glad you like the poem it was written last week. hugs to you and hope you hanging in there. xxxxxx


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