Autumn is coming

Here we are sitting watching the weather outside doing its best to make us all feel rubbish. Has anyone noticed how autumn is coming earlier this year. I really noticed yesterday when hubby went to and took me for the ride. We were travelling down a long and wide road, it has lovely trees both sides of the road and all of the trees are shredding their leaves. This is something that doesn't usually happen until october, so seeing all the leaves yesterday was a surprise.

The thought that winters on its way fills me with dread. At least with medication i hopefully will be able to manage it. The children will be pleased as the conkers will be easier to pick.

Heres to early autumn and a long winter and roll on the spring!!!!


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  • I can't wait for winter! This is due to the fact I have brought a lovely faux fur cream coat and I'm dying to wear it :-)

    Bring on the snow :-)

    Also means cosy nights in and pots of stew on the stove. Winter is definitely my favourite season.

    Marnie x

  • H Sylvi, I agree - autumn seems to be earlier this year with the trees beginning to shed leaves and also coinciding with harvest! It has been very cold here today and I actually had the heating on all morning.

    Chicken casserole in the oven - felt it was time we had something really warming. Had sausage casserole yesterday followed by strawberries and cream! They are still picking strawberries round here - just shows how topsy turvy this year is.

    Can't agree with Marnie about the snow. I hate it. We have had enough of it this last 2 years and my 4 x 4 has been exchanged for a 2 x2 so no doubt, will be sliding all over the roads not to mention sliding about the pavements as well. I don't mind crisp winter days as it kills off the bugs but that is as far as I go. Would much prefer a temp. of 70 degrees all year round.

    LavendarLady x

  • Marnie, i'm afraid to say winters not mine.I like the stews and hotpots and i love christmas. I always put up the tree and decorations the first week of december, that always cheers me up. I would love to your faux fur coat, is it a long one?

    I like the spring as everything is starting to grow.

    Sylvia. xx

  • Yes it's knee length with a lovely wide collar. I will post a pic of it tomorrow.

    I know I'm strange for liking winter. My nan bless her always liked winter and we were very close so I guess I kind of like it because of her and Christmas is always extravagant in her memory. Last Christmas I brought a huge artificial tree it cost me a small fortune but I took it as an investment for years to come.

    When you mentioned spring and everything starting to grow it made me think of baby lambs down at walmer castle in Kent near Dover. Beautiful in the spring with the lambs and blooms, nice tea shop too. Well worth a day visit. Not sure of your location though.

    Also a funny little thing....... In winter I don't look crazy for wearing gloves when my hands ache. This summer i was at a Friends BBQ..... Me in a lovely summer dress, pretty shoes and a set of wooly gloves. All the pictures look brilliant.

    Marnie x

  • I don't like the snow either, my body would sooner be in bed watching the snow. I've had the fire on today, as i was so cold. I don't like the dark nights as i have to shut the curtains sooo early. We had a lot of snow last winter and i don't particually want more. My bones ache now, i dread to think what they will be like in a couple of months time.

    Sylvia. xx

  • i agree sylvi, i think we have suddenly moved into autumn without much forewarning mind you i love the changing seasons - all of them but particularly spring to summer, and autumn to winter. The snow, whilst i like looking at it, i hope it is not going to be like last year - i can remember walking over a mile in the snow, we were completely snowed in and i was trying to make it to the main road to get a lift into work by someone who had a 4x4. (can't walk to the top of the lane now without the snow) Neither of us made it in and i spent an extra week off around christmas which was lovely. But on the other hand had to run around like a mad thing trying to get all my christmas presents because i had left everything to the last minute.

    Loads of people i know are suffering from tiredness and just feeling a little low and i think it could be the sudden change in weather - we blame poor weather for everything.

  • Autumns a bit of a relief here in Edinburgh as a least we can do this season magnificently -as with winter and spring. But summer is often failed expectations. So hunkering down, crumpets for tea etc to come.

    I could do without the snow though and treacherous frozen pavements


  • Hi Cathie, like the sound of the crumpets for tea. Hot toasted crumpets held on a toasting fork over the fire. I remember that from being a child. Nowadays we put them in the toaster or under the grill. How mundane.

    LavendarLady x

  • me too, dad would have a blazing fire going up the chimney, crumpets then done with proper butter. My memories of childhood food never tastes the same when i go it. My mum would make a hotpot with bacon,onions and potatoes, boy was that nice.

    Marnie, i wear leather gloves with the fingers cut out, i got them last year in new look. I will have a look and see if they have them this winter.

  • i dont wont any snow this year! xx

  • me neither summer., i hate what it does to my bones,

    Sylvia. xx

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