Just a note to say hi really, my name is Paula, I'm 49 and was diagnosed with acute RA when I was 32. Failed on various DMARDS and was eventually put on enbrel in 2003 along with methotrexate. I'm currently in remission but still on the meds and have been taking BP and statin medication for some time.

oh and that's a pic of my greyhound Taffy. Better than any medication 😄.

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  • Aw bless - yes I agree with you hes probably a lot more effective than anything you get in a bottle.

    Welcome to the site,but sorry you too have been afflicted with this dreadful condition.

    Take care



  • Hi Paula and welcome to the gang. You will find an amazing group of informed, educated and lovely people here who are happy to listen and support and maybe have a giggle along the way


  • Hiya Paula (Taffy too!), welcome. Great to hear you're in remission, that will give our newer members & those struggling hope. I'm sure you'll enjoy being here & that you'll find it helpful. Having had RD a long while you will have plenty of experiences to share as well I would think! 🙂

  • Aah thank you for such a lovely welcome. Yes a long time and many ups and downs along the way. Immunity is a problem at the moment and think I've had a permanent cold this year as pick up germs very quickly. I also have been diagnosed in the last year with sicca syndrome.It's amazing what also comes with rheumatoid and I don't think alot of people understand that so it's nice to talk to people in the same boat. Xx

  • Hi Paula - There is also a Sjogren's board here too. It's not as active as the RA board, but getting more so.. Just search for it and it will come up.

  • Hi from me as well....another Paula, on Enbrel and in remission. I call enbrel my magic potion. Was in remission at my 12 week appointment early 2013. I do worry sometimes that the bubble of enbrel will burst and I may end up how I was before.,,,,really bad. Your post has given me hope that the magic does and can work for along time. Thank you!! xx

  • Hi Paula, I can completely understand how you feel as I am the same. I started on a combination of enbrel and methotrexate in 2003, as well as acute rheumatoid arthritis my left elbow was damaged and completely bent at the time, numerous steroid injections didn't help but gradually over time it straightened again thanks to the miracle of enbrel.

    My only worry is being taken off enbrel. My consultant asked last May how I felt about that as have been a long time in remission and I said absolutely not and thankfully he ok'd the funding. I did some research and read that after coming off it the arthritis comes back pretty quickly and once back on enbrel it doesn't seem to have the same affect. I'm due to see my consultant again and I will be armed with this research to fight my corner. I'm sure it's all to do with money but i can't go back to how I was. Fingers crossed.

    Glad it's working for you too, it truly is magic. Xx

  • Can't understand wanting you to stop taking it, it's put you in remission, so why would he want you to stop it.

    I keep expecting a letter to drop on my door mat telling me that I am going to be put on the newer cheaper version. With all the cuts that's happening I am sure it will happen.

    I have posted on here about having cataract surgery soon, been told I've got to stop taking enbrel three weeks before the op and then contact specialist nurses after its done and then to be told when I can start it again, it all depends on what sort of drops I am given. I'm worried that it may upset things........don't want to go back to how I was pre enbrel days. xx

  • Hi Paula, in my case I'm sure it's purely about money, makes me very nervous as enbrel has given me my life back. Are the cataracts connected to enbrel? I've read a few posts now and not come across this problem before. Xx

  • SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!! And she smiles really well. Good medicine there!

    Welcome to the board. We never hope for new participants, but we welcome those that do need to join us.

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