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Hello All


Hi Everyone

Its been a while since ive been on but thought i would catch up and say Hello.

Hope you are doing well, as well as you can with this horrid disease.

Im still relatively ok on my hydroxy but havnt been back to Consultant (appointment in May). Still got all the usual aches & pains on a morning and knees and ankles tender than usual but just plodding on, like we all do.

On a positive note my lovely hubby has spoilt me again and weve booked a 2 week holiday in Egypt. Wasnt suppose to be going away this year as we splashed out on my car in January.

Im so very much looking forward to 2 weeks lazing in the sunshine.

Anyway like i said i hope you are all ok and doing as well as possible.

Take care



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how lovely xx


Ooooh, lucky you!!! :) A lovely sunny holiday will also do your joints a world of good :) The sun's supposed to come back next week, today all is grey dull!! xx

Lucky you have a good time and think of us all back here.xxx

Oh how brilliant is that. I haven't been there but my friends go twice a year to shark el sheik and love the hotel. Don't know if we ill get away as just spent money on Glasto but it's. lovely time there too, hake he uns not guaranteed!

We had week last year which was first holi since being diagnosed and the sun was lovely, even though i was off and on different meds i actually felt normal for the week.

2 weeks of lazing about will do me the world of good. We should all get holidays in the sun on prescription from gp.....if only.



Hi your are so right there. Hols on prescription that is. Hope you have a lovely time. xx

Welcome back! A holiday in Egypt sounds great - anywhere where there's some sunshine.

I had a lousey week last week (damp weather?) and was a lazy slob until Friday. Satuday I felt so good we spent several hours in the garden as it was sunny and dry. Went to my grandson's St. George's Day Parade yesterday (he is 6 and in "Little Beavers" which is pre-cub scout) so there was walking in the pouring rain! Tired today but will rest now so I can go on my walk tomorrow.

We all soldier on don't we? Keep taking the pills as they say. I am retired now, so luckily dont have the stress of work which has helped a lot.

Stay in touch now you're back and let's hpe for a nice sunny summer!

Lynn x

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