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Rheumatoid arthritis & free prescriptions


I just wondered if this disease has been added to get an exemption for free NHS prescription charges.

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I don't think so but they are campaigning for RA to be on free NHS prescription

Sorry I can’t help, but if you do have to pay, it might be worth getting a yearly season ticket. You can pay monthly by DD, it used to be £10.20 per month.

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Here is the laugh. I have just found my card that confirms I am exempt from paying until after 09/2023. But when I check on line it states no current exemption certificate and was confirmed by the prescription exemption service on the phone today.

It is an error yet again.

It does not matter what the prescriptions service state I am exempt under their own rules and those set by UK law.

The lady tried to tell me that the website is not always up to date. I told her to either go to specsavers or read the Gov website as my exemption card was issued in 2018 and nothing has changed. How out of date is the gov website.

Hi Minty1972

Unfortunately no is the answer to your question..... But I'm not sure if they are free if you are on benefits...

Maybe check on the nras site...


No it hasn’t but you can pay for a prepayment certificate for a year and that covers all prescriptions for that time. You do need to work out if will be a saving for you. It depends how many prescriptions you get over the year.


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Just wondering why I have not received a bill for healthcare at home meds, my scripts cost nearly £100 pm if I had to pay. I lost my exemption card and called npc for a new one.

They stated need to make appointment with GP as he sent the form in a batch and it has been lost. Weird so how and why did they issue an exemption card in the first place. I was only with my GP yesterday and will have to waste his time when he could be treating others for another exemption..

Nothing but problems with NPC and even my MP was involved with them on my behalf in the past as they sent me four summonses when I was exempt.

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Are you on biologics Minty? I’m just wondering what healthcare at home charge you for?

I’m not sure we are talking about the same thing as the prepayment isn’t an exemption certificate more like a season ticket. I have a photo of mine on my phone as it’s easier to access and I won’t lose it either 😊

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I am on biologcs . I had a picture of my exemption card but lost it

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I don’t get charged for biologics but that has nothing to do with my prepayment cert, the hospital sort that.

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hi minty if you get meds from health care at home its a hospital prescription so you dont pay so you will not get a bill

No medical exemption just yet as far as RD is concerned but it might be worth you checking if you qualify for free prescriptions or help with other service costs for other reasons Minty nhsbsa.nhs.uk/dont-get-caug...

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Hi I know that I am exempt and so does my GP but if npc have lost the paperwork why can they just not email the GP. For an update

No unfortunately it is one of my bug bares. A progressive disease with no cure. Diabetics can get it my sister did but changed her life style lost weight and now no longer needs meds but still classified as a diabetic as she still needs monitoring. System is so full of holes.

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I will get other half to email him as they speak, just do not want to clog up his surgery

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My main reason for asking as if I were still paying for my meds who would pay healthcare at home for my deliveries when the medication was coming from them?????

If you’re campaigning for free prescriptions then note that they’re free for everyone in Scotland. It’s economic because people are more likely to take their meds and there’s fewer admin steps when no charges. They could afford it.

Maybe one of the administrators can update on where the campaign is for free prescriptions for rheumatoid arthritis in England and what the next planned actions are to achieve this.

Prescriptions are also free in Wales - thank goodness.

Hospital parking too.

Good old Wales!


As requested an update on this subject:

We have been and continue to be a strong member of the Free Prescriptions Coalition and the most recent win we had was to get the Labour Party to commit to scrapping the prescription charge for everyone living with a long-term condition. Labour announced this will be in their upcoming manifesto. This is a massive win for the coalition and one that a lot of work has gone into ensuring happens. However the Chair of the Coalition is moving on and due to Brexit work clogging up everything, it is unlikely that there will be any further major announcements for a while and whilst the Coalition find a new Chair.

Although we will continue to fight!

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Well done

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Thank you

No. In general, they are only for medication necessary to sustain life, not improve the quality of life.

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