2p cure for arthritis

2p cure for arthritis

.... i read this a month ago in a few of the national newspapers ................ if only it was so easy ..... so i thought id share and hear your thoughts on copper n arthritis ... ive always been told ,, if copper takes your pain away ,, then its not arthritis causing the pain in the first place ....

daily mail ...

Pensioner discovers 'miracle cure' for arthritis after glueing 2p coins to the inside of his shoes

Johnny Franks, 85, read that copper could help him bend his knees so stuck some in his trainers

He said he couldn't bend his knees but a month after wearing the shoes he is 'cured'

Experts are split on whether his new soles are actually working

The medical world has long debated whether copper can help ease the pain of arthritis.

While some sufferers swear by a bracelet, others use expensive insoles.

Johnny Franks, however, reckons he’s found the cheapest aid of all – 2p pieces glued to the inside of his shoes.

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p.s ... anyone got any change ?????? :)

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  • If it worked like that we would all be cured. I read that item in the mail and i am sceptic sorry....

  • As well as RA I have now developed OA - it's particularly painful in my thumb joint - so after reading the article I rummaged around in my penny jar and found 3 x2p coins - pre-1992 as they apparently have a much higher copper content than later dates - I taped them inside the wrist splints I wear at night. I did think I might have "lost it" by doing something that sounds so daft - but speak as you find - I can now bend my thumb without pain and grasp things without dropping them!!!. OK I know the my thumb might have eased anyway - but I am just happy it seemed to work for me....but I do realise it's just for the OA and and is no use for RA. Don't you wish when you see a headline about ARTHRITIS some enlightened journalist would differentiate between the two?

  • Just rifling through my loose change ........

  • OMG!!! raiding the penny jar as we speak lol. Do you think there's an optimum amount of cash as I'm scared my socks will be really heavy :-)

  • also think I'll rinse all my change as now Im worried it has been living on the cheesy feet of a previous owner!

  • good idea paula ... i never thought of that ..

    im not sure its cured johnny franks arthritis ,, but looking at his picture its sure given him a good tan .. :)

  • Yes he's certainly a nice copper colour and a damned fine set of sparkly gnashers!

  • It would make a visit to the OT a bit more interesting though!!! Axx

  • Its not a new theory - copper bracelets for arthritis have been around for many years, and a lot of people swear by them. I'd personally be a bit wary, because copper is absorbed by the skin, and you can also have major problems if you end up with too much copper in your system (as a friend of mine did, when her rural tank water supply ended up with too high copper levels).

  • just how much copper is there in a twopenny piece?

  • I understood that there is almost none. It's mostly nickel I thought.

  • Apparently pre- 1992 coins contain 87% + Cu - I can't believe I am such a nurd that I am writing this!!!

  • The placebo effect is a truly wonderful thing! Anyone who saw Kathy Sykes' series of alternative medicine programmes will know what I mean!

  • ....... and of course the Queen would have to be face down otherwise she would be looking up my legs everytime I put on my shoes (and that's not a good sight!)

    Judi xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Its the daily mail of course its crap its stupid stories like this that make people assume that RA is just a bit of stiffness in the first place and why its still not officially recognised as an auto immune disease, I'd give anything at 27 years old for crap like this to work but sadly it does not

  • I do wish these articles would explain the difference between RA & OA - the Copper is only thought to work for OA. RA is much classier - we get Gold injections!!!

  • I have tried all sorts from the green-lipped mussel to copper cushions but, after 30+ years, I still have RA!

  • They ran the same story in the Express, my husband was very sceptical and I said codswallop! The Daily Express is continually running stories on Arthritis and cures at the moment some of which sound helpful, but only the youngsters on this site will benefit as the scientists are still at the trial stages, and not on humans.

  • What he failed to mention is that he also sacraficed a goat under the full moon while turning widershines thrice, it wasn't the 2ps after all.

  • Oh well he's given us all a laugh...as you say if only these things worked we would all be cured!

    I just wish people would stop saying to me...if I ate potatoes I would be like you...or you just need to drink cider vinegar and honey! and so on!

    I too have tried everything from full exclusion diets to every suppliment known to man...nothing has changed my condition!!

    Keep smiling and as positive as possible...... X

  • well ive worked has a electrician for the last 30 years ,, ive handled copper wire everyday its never done me any good ... :)

  • p s ... but ive never put it in my shoes tho :(

  • load of rubbish!

  • I have had arthritis for about 20 years. At varying times my fingers pain and crack with movement. I have taken sulphasalazine and hydroxychloroquine, but I am now only on the latter medication, and there is really relatively little pain. I am a firm believer in the copper bracelet, which I have worn through the years, and will continue to use to keep me pain free.

    Do give it a try, and get your bracelet from a chemist to make sure that it's genuine copper.

    Good luck. XX

  • I not sure about the copper thing how would it get though socks??? Having said that I was shocked by my knee surgeon the other day after telling him I got myself an nice pair of Clark's shoes to try to help with my walking and knees he said to me I would be better off getting trainers!!! Trainers? He said there better for your feet,so now I have to go save the money for trainers!!! Anyone else heard this??? Xxx

  • Yes, I was advised to wear trainers, I wear them most of the time now, but I did try on rather a lot before getting the ones that made you 'walk on air' feeling.

  • does your surgeon not know how important shoes are to a lady ... ????

    i think trainers ,, are only better for us , because of the soft soles .. abit more gentle on our feet .. but you can get the gel filled insoles for shoes that are really good ..

    unless your new shoes are 4" heels ,, then im with your surgeon .. :)

  • My rheumy has told me to try trainers as a lot of people find them good. My guess is it's because they are wider plus flat ............ but I haven't found any which I like the look of let alone would wear. All of them are so heavy as well.

    Judi xxxx

  • Look for "Gasshoppers" I have just had both bunions operated on and was able to wear these after 8 weeks - they are not exactly glamorous - but they are lightweight and you don't look like refugee from the Olympics when you wear them with a skirt!!!

  • The trainers that I eventually purchased are not heavy looking and are light to wear. I have bought two types, one that look like trainers with laces, and one which do not and have velcro, for the days that I am unable to tie laces!

  • sorry aint buying it, think its a load of codswallop xx

  • great word "codswallop"... lol ... im going to google it :)

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