Is it arthritis please help

Please please help me. I'm 42 and i've very painful heels and ankles. The are painful even when I'm resting and sometimes at night too. I struggle when I wake up in the mornings and whenever I've been sitting throughout the day. It's got worse over the last year and half but 6 months ago I was nagged by pains and aches in my wrists,thumb so decided to go to doctors. Strangely the pain is mirrored by both sides of my body so both ankles, both wrists etc. I've seen 6 doctors as we only have locum doctors each one says something different. So to sum up so far OA as been mentioned and RA a doc in early sept was great apologised for how I'd been fobbed off in previous appointments and asked me to try some more anti flammitory pain relief but she'd refer me if I couldn't cope. She confirmed arthritis in my knees (which actually had 't given me any problems until a few weeks earlier) I went back to the doctors yesterday and explained why I was back to yet another doctor. He refused to refer me but did agree I had arthritis in my knees. He said I couldn't have arthritis had there was no swelling in my feet or hands. Ordered blood tests and that was it but I refused to leave and asked why was it I couldn't walk my children to school why was I in pain even when resting why did it feel like my arches had collapsed. I said I could put up with the joints but I needed answers and support for what was happening to my feet. Even holding my phone typing this post my thumb is painful. The doc then looked at all my previous blood tests they show no swelling. He said he thinks I have flibromygia but I've since read the symptoms and my gut feeling is its not right, I don't have a lot of what's listed. I'm really worried as everything I read suggests I'm a women in her early 40's early treatment is key to later success. I just cried when I got home as I feel no one is listening and with 4 kids I just want to know what I'm dealing with. I can't have injured my feet as why would both be in pain. The pain is the ankle,heel and on the outside and inside up to the middle of the feet. Hurt more when I walk but I still do. I swim as that is the only exercise that doesn't hurt too much y diet is spot on and I'm allergic to sugar so really don't eat any crap. I took myself off pain killers and now take 90% EPA omiga 3 1000mg daily and turmeric 1to 2grammes a day depending on pain and the relief is just as good as the painkillers but don't help with my feet. Any advice would be very welcome

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  • Hi Croftie, i'm so sorry to hear you are having such a horrible time. Can I suggest you get in touch with our helpline by either calling 0800 2987650 or email, they will be able to give you support and information.

    Hope this helps.

    Val, NRAS

  • It isn't possible to tell whether you have Rheumatoid disease or not. Having a negative rheumatoid factor does not rule it out, nor, unfortunately, does having a "normal" ESR or CRP, although it does make it less likely that you have an aggressive form.

    If I was not able to ask for a referral with my current general practice, then I would want to change my general practice.

  • Thanks so much, I spoke with the practice nurse today and she thought I should change to another practice she said lots of people were leaving. So said that Doctor had requested very thorough blood tests and whispered something to the receptionist who said she could make sure I saw the same doctor again and although I had my frustrations at least I'd see the same doctor but if he doesn't refer me I will jump ship. I've started vit D and probiotic today, try anything

  • I was going to suggest you asked for an appointment to see the same doctor (the one you saw in Sept) but being a locum I thought you'd missed that boat. Other than that I would change Practice, it's not good for anyone to not have continued care & to be honest I don't know how they've kept their patients only relying on locums! The non-medical staff must be tearing their hair out.

    Whilst we can't say you have RD you do tick some boxes. It is quite normal to have symmetry in the joints which are affected, that alone should have rung alarm bells, it was one of things my GP explained when she took my first bloods, to prepare me I suppose. Swelling isn't always obvious, more females are diagnosed than males & you're about the right age, I was 48 & according to most things I read I was around the norm. Other than that take it easy when you can, if you do have something autoimmune going on your joints will thank you. Try using heat or cold on worst affected ones, 20 mins at a time, heat works best for me but for some cold works better. When I was diagnosed it was only my feet which were extremely painful though I learnt there were other joints involved once I'd had all the imaging done, I was fortunate & diagnosed promptly. Something which may help your feet a little at the mo is wearing a supportive shoe (or trainer), especially if you wear courts normally, the less work your toes need to do the better if you understand.

    Keep in touch & let us know how you're doing. If you haven't already maybe a look through the NRAS site would be helpful

  • Thanks so much that's really useful to know. The receptionist did look but the sept doctor isn't working there, for the next 4 weeks anyway so although I wasn't impressed by yesterday's appointment at least I won't have to go through everything again and before I left he promised that he would explain every blood test result to me. I think he realised how frustrated I am. I will take everyone's advice I'll phone the helpline tomorrow and I'm slowly reading all the threads on here.

  • Don't jump ship before you have been accepted by another practice & ask around locally about any practice you think you would like to join.

    You don't want to end up without a GP.

    Do hope you get some answers soon!

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