Osteo Arthritis

Seeking Help & Information from those suffering from : Degenerative Osteo Arthritis.

I'm having difficulty walking (seriously) and getting dressed or undressed; getting in or out of the Bath, also in or out of my car. Sleeping, well that's not as it should be; finding a comfortable position to sleep is becoming really difficult.

I also have PA B12, Deficiency. had 6, loading injections + one - 3, monthly injection of Hydroxocabalamin (next Jab = 20th Oct) GP referred me to a Rheumatologist; more tests and x-reay's (results) revealed that there is OsteoArthritis Degenerative wear in both hips and both knees , also left Ankle.

GP prescribed AmtiTriptyline 10mg , to be taken at night as a pain management; and help with sleeping. But, there are some side effects, i.e. : Headache and Dry Throat.. GP told me to give them a weeks trial. I'll continue with them for a few more day's, although I doubt they'll have any affect on the pain and poor mobility I'm experiencing?

I read recently about the properties of Turmeric as an anti inflammatory aid? Well, I've sent for some capsules of 10.000mg turmeric from Natures Best UK.

Anyone else in the same position with Osteo Arthritis? What do you take to relieve the pain and discomfort?

Appreciate any help information or advise on this subject.


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  • A lot of people do find that the initial side effects of amitriptyline do wear off after the first couple of weeks. It might be worth persevering to see if it can help your sleep. A good thing is that there's plenty of room to increase the dose if need be. It's usually used alongside actual painkillers, though as it amplifies their effects. Based on what you describe, I wouldn't expect 10mg amitriptyline on it's own to give adequate pain relief or improve your mobility. Do you take anything else - co-codamol? naproxen???

  • Thanks Livingston,

    I just take Paracetamol for pain relief, also vitamin supplements.

  • It might also be worth asking for referral to physio & Occupational Therapy. OT would be able to help with aids & adaptations.

  • Have any of the doctors suggested knee or hip replacement? I'm waiting for knees, my husband had hip in July which worked well. I hope you an get some relief c

  • Not yet Cathie. Dr, suggests pain management? Seeing Rheumatologist again at the end of October.

  • On the knees, I was counselled out of a replacement 2 years ago. The alternative was supposed to be conservative pain management which has been painkillers and physio. I'm very lucky as I have a great physio (in Edinburgh) who isnt ridiculously expensive and who gives my knees a weekly massage. She also has recommended exercises, some of which are lying on the bed, another is on one of those static pedal things. I have found that I've been able to maintain some movement with this but I'm now expecting a replacement of the first knee at the beginning of November. With a mixture of dread and anticipation as people do say it has made things much better.

    But the mix of painkillers (not great) and physio (wonderful) has helped me to hold myself together. Oh yes also, distraction seems to help with the pain. ANything, telly, visitors painting and drawing when I feel up to it...

    I hope you can get decent treatment.

  • I've got degeneration of the spine , been on tramadol for 6 years now . Had a spasm in my spine 16 weeks ago , can't go back to work as I'm a liability. Tried morphine patch , knocked me for six and messed up my heart rhythm . So have to take co-codamal 4xdaily, hope you get sorted

  • Thanks Pilot..

  • I have cervical & lumbar spondylosis (OA) & my GP treats my symptoms with regular amitriptyline, NSAID, BuTrans patches & co-codamol for breakthrough pain. I wouldn't think ami alone will control your pain so it's worth asking your GP to go through your needs & prescribe appropriate regular pain relief. I was started on both 5mcg/hr BuTrans & 10mg ami which were increased over a number of months to the 20mcg/hr BuTrans weekly & 50mg ami nightly I take now. It's certainly worth persevering & increasing the ami dose (under supervision) until you find more comfort. I've gone from a few hours of uncomfortable sleep to proper restful sleep. Makes all the difference coping with the RD as well. The headaches I get are due to nerve impingement though they are less frequent since my pain has been better controlled.

    The easiest way I've found to get in the car is to sit on the side of the seat & then lift in each leg until I'm sitting forward. That & changing to an automatic have made driving easier. On the look out now for a car with a higher sitting position so I've not so far to get down to sit on the seat from the pavement/road, my knees are complaining at the mo, again due to OA.

    I hope you're able to find some relief. If you can it's certainly worth giving the ami a chance & persevering by having regular reviews with your prescriber until you find the correct dose.

  • I have severe OA from the top of my spine to my hips, as well as severe osteoperosis. And I'm one of those unlucky folks that is allergic to ALL pain meds. So basically, was told there's not much doctors can do. I've already had two lumbar spinal fusions over the years which helped the pain tremendously, but I'm not keen on having more until it's absolutely necessary. The only thing that has kept my pain remotely at bay is going to the chiropractor every 4 weeks. It doesn't cure anything, but does help with the neverending pain. Between the OA and RA, I sometimes just want to scream...but then that would just give me a sore throat and that is one place that doesn't hurt at the moment! LOL!

  • Going to see NHS Physio at the end of this month.

  • Hi There, Read your coments, I too have osteo artritis in my knees and was quite painfull. Was told by the. Doctor to take pain killers with little success.When looking on internet I saw very good reports from people who were using Flexiseq.I bought some from. Lloyds chemist(£12.99) dearer everywhere else.Its a gel which you rub on to the effected area twice a day and leave uncovered for 10 minutes..

    Two days later my pain was gone, that was about 4 weeks ago. Told our son about it and 3 days later he sent me an e mail to say pain gone? Told the doc at the pain clinic about it,he had not heard of it so Igave him a leaflet. Hope it might help you a& others. Ron-q

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