Reactive arthritis

Hi everyone, had my rheumy appt yesterday. It's good news, he was very confident that I have post viral reactive arthritis. He thought I was now over the worst of it and would make a full recovery in a few weeks. I have some vasculitis around my knees, which i found worrying, but he said it was a sympton of the illness and would clear up upon my recovery. I feel so reassured, but experiencing these symptoms just drives it home how wonderful you all are, how supportive and strong. Thankyou! X

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  • Delighted for you Wineandlattes (hopefully you can celebrate by living up to your namesake!). Some types of Vasculitis disappear so I'm sure your rheumy is spot on to tell you not to fret. Rheumatology is a very inexact area of medicine but I do believe most consultants know, through experience, how to differentiate. Good luck getting better and glad you will always be able to tell people what RA is at least. The more awareness people have the better. X

  • That is good news! I hope your recovery is indeed as quick as your Rheumy predicts so you can return to normal & be back being more proactive in your restoration project.

    I would just like to say though that I am a bit confused about his diagnosis, I've copied this link for you

    Reactive can take a while to recover from & post-viral not so much so thought it best you were aware if your recovery isn't quite as quick as he considers it will be & you have meds to hand if needed.

    I really do hope it's a one off & it isn't recurrent, but probably better to be aware if you get further viruses & symptoms again.

    Good luck & I hope all turns out well. You know we're here if needed. x

  • Hi. Thanks, couldn't seem to open the link, it said page not found. Didn't realise that post viral and reactive were different. Perhaps he wasn't sure which so said both to be on safe side. I think the diagnosis is based on me having a sore throat for two days the week before the symptons started, but it is quite flimsy. But he said that I definitely wasn't showing certain symptoms that are found with ra. My joints all move freely without pain when he manipulated them, which was quite weird given the amount of pain I have had. He said it was because the inflammation was actually from the nerve endings around the knees, rather than the joints. He also thought I'd been swimming in the last two weeks, I said I hadn't. Maybe my skin looked dry. He also asked if any family member had psoriasis, which they haven't. Interestingly, he commented on the length of time for gp referral, although mine was quick, and said that if I had got to him two weeks ago when I was in the throes of it, he would have given one off steroid injections in my knees and the pain would ve gone immediately.

    Thanks for all your help. X

  • Tried a different route so you should be able to open it now, sorry about that.

    The only thing I can think of asking the questions he did are possible PsA, but I don't have that & not best placed to comment really as my knowledge is limited. But if he didn't suggest any further treatment or investigations maybe he's dismissed it.

    I had a very different experience to most here as I was living abroad when diagnosed. After my GP suspected I had RD & the bloods confirmed high RF factor I was given an appointment to go to a diagnosic clinic a fortnight later, had all the tests & imaging which confirmed I did & I was started on my meds. This obviously is a different guideline to the one here & by the time I saw my Consultant I'd been on my meds for 3 months, the amount of time within it's recommended we see a Rheumy for diagnosis here in the UK so I agree with the Rheumy you saw, had you been fast-tracked then things could have been so different for you & your experience. There's one thing though, you'll be knocking at your GP's door at the first signs if you have them again so no delay on your part I wouldn't think. I wouldn't wish it on anyone & I'm happy to hear you will be fine given a few weeks but again you know where to come....

    Take care. x

  • Thankyou for everything and you take care of yourself too. X

  • It's great to get an answer isn't it!!! Great stuff x

  • Yes it is x

  • Brilliant, and great that you got a clear diagnosis so quickly. As I think I said in one of my previous responses to you, my lodger had reactive arthritis and said it was shit while it lasted but he's completely fine now. At least now you'll understand now how we rheumy people hate it so much when when we're dismissed as making a fuss over nothing by the "oh I've a touch of arthritis in my thumb" brigade.

  • Hi. Yes, Im so glad he was able to give me an answer, wasn't really expecting it to be so clear cut. And yes, having been almost housebound and helpless for a few weeks now, I do completely understand.

    Thanks for being so inspirational in my hour of need, and when I eventually get back out gardening, I shall be thinking of you digging yours! X

  • Wonderful news!

  • Thankyou x

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