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Cut off ALL meat to reduce inflammation???

Hi everyone.

I suffer from Mild Arthritis. I got pain in my elbows and severe pain in my knees.

Having read a lot on arthritis, it seems that meat causes inflammation and aggravates arthritis.

So, should I try not to eat ANY meat, or should I only reduce meat?

And also, if someone could help me with my arthritis in my knees. In fact the inside of my knees hurt a lot.

Thanks everyone,


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Sounds as if you have osteoarthritis rather than rheumatoid arthritis? Anyway, arthritis research provide very useful info on diet. Here's a link to the pages on it.

I have RA and I've found that changing my diet has helped, particularly coping with side effects of the drugs. But I still do it meat from time to time and find that doesn't cause problems. A normal healthy diet and exercise seems to work best for me


I went to consult a doctor and he told me it's mild arthritis and not osteoarthritis/

Yeah, I think that I will try to change my diet for let us say 2 weeks and find out.

I will eat meat also, but as you say, from time to time.

Thanks for the link and information ^_^


just been having a look on the link you put on her , finding very good read thanks helixhlix :) x


Hi, I'm a veggie anyway..worked for animal welfare it completely put me off eating meat...I have heard this but I think probably everything in moderation as they say. Maryx

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Yes, as you say, I think moderation is the key.

Thanks for reminding me this great tip ^_^


Just because I said it, doesn't mean I do it!!!!! Lol x


I too am a veggie and have Rhuematoid Disease. I find no difference what's so ever for being meat free. Jean


Thanks for your reply Jean :)


What about dairy? I reckon dairy products are also a problem. I dont eat anything with 4 legs so chicken and fish are fine and seems to suit me.


I heard that dairy products are not good too. However I don't cut them off.

I drink milk at night. I think it is essential.

I like fish too ^_^


I read a book called 'The China Study' and it has put me right off dairy! However occasionally i do have cheese!


Sorry, but I'm a BIG ( in every sense of the word) meat eater. cutting it out doesn't make one iota of difference. I have some kind of meat product at least once a day.


Ah ok. I see. Yes having meat less may help a lot.

Thanks :)


But it does for me! ;-) You get to know your own triggers and what to avoid or enjoy then suffer!



The main thing to remember is a little and often and variety is the spice.

Always choose a mixture of all things, they say white meat is a good thing, we eat white meat twice a week, fish once a week (White or oily fish) , red meat once a week, vegiterian once a week. Pasta, and a rice dish we decide how we want the latter sometimes we have cooked chicken on an extra day

Exercise at least 20 mins a day, although to not overdo it

Good luck



Pasta is a good idea my friend.

Thank you, I did not think about this :)


I have RA and OA, I hardly eat meat, sometimes I go a few weeks without any......and I do have pain


I understand you my friend.

Good luck with your fight!


I was brought up as an almost vegetarian (we ate our hens) as my parents were trying to be self-sufficient. When I started earning enough to buy steak (in the days when you went out for a steak on Saturday nights!) I found a clear connection between eating that and having swollen painful joints in the following few days. So I cut out meat - I don't like it much anyway! But I have had episodes of RA for nearly forty years now - so it hasn't stopped it.

For me, I think it was a trigger, but whether it was the meat or the things in it - if I liked the taste, I would try organically raised meat.


Oh, I see.

For forty years :/

I am sorry auntie. I hope you get rid of RA soon. Let me know

Thanks :)


I think we're all different. What exacerbates or triggers some people will be fine for others. If you're concerned meat is causing your symptoms to be worse I'd say by all means try an elimination diet to see if it makes any difference. If you do, please please research properly how to replace the vital nutrients meat provides so you don't end up with vitamin and mineral deficient illnesses on top of the arthritis.


I think you are right dear.

Everyone is different and different diets and drugs work differently.

I guess the key is to fight mentally too.


I have read arthritis and diet books in the past which said lamb and chicken were the best meats if you have arthritis (although lamb is classed as read meat isn't it? .. but presume because it is a young meat?) I know several sources of reading said pork is not good for arthritis sufferers and I can say it drives my joints wild. Makes me feel like someone is sticking pins in my joints. I think the more processed the pork is such as bacon and ham and salami type things .. then the more nitrates and additives, which are also going to make you feel worse. I have to hold my hands up and say I do have a bacon sandwich every now and again (every couple of months) and if my joints are iffy anyhow then it makes them bad but if they are decent it doesn't bother them too much. I just try and eat food in its purest form whenever I can - lots of veg and salads/fruit with chicken, turkey and fish are the things I eat for main meals. I have both RA and OA but when I had just RA at first, red meat would definitely set off the "electric twinges".


Ah 'electric twinges' - what a good description! Very difficult to explain to anyone but that fits!


Yes, like being shocked .. wired up!


Yeah! ''Electric twinges'' is a very good description as said annie.

I have a question... If I have RA now, chances are there that I have OA in the future?

What are the preventions and symptoms?


I cut out all red meat and have very little dairy and i am doing really well. I am on enbrel but that is all - i dont even need regular pain killers. I do eat good quality chicken and fish but only a two or three times a week at most. I dont get too hung up on the dairy - if i fancy a bit of chocolate or go somewhere the dish has dairy in it then i will eat it but it does make me very chesty at night. But no red meat now for three/four years and my consultant thinks my joints look great and all is stable. I even manage to go walking with friends and did 5.5 miles today. OK my ankles hurt a bit and im tired but i like to think i have taken control of the RA and refuse to let it get me! Difficult i know and believe me initially i thought i was going to die when i first had it 7 years ago. Good luck - go for it!


Thanks annie :)

I appreciate the concern. It's like you said - '' i have taken control of the RA and refuse to let it get me''

We are stronger than the disease. I am sure that there is a way to completely fight it and eradicate it.

I am sure I can do it and that anybody else can too. The will power has to be strong.

- We have the disease. The disease do not have us.

So we can get rid of it.

Good luck you too annie :)


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