Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming

The lights have been switched on in our village tonight. Went up on my scooter with hubby. It has started to get cold outside. There was roundabouts,lots of stalls trying to make you part with your money. I got my sister in ireland a couple of brand new jigsaws for £5, a couple of buddlia in 2 different colours,one red and one white. We had a couple of hot dogs which were very nice. Our village always looks lovely when the lights are on.

My hubby yesterday got all the decorations out of the loft and today he tested all the lights. Yes we have lots of lights and when the deccies are up i'll take some snaps and post them. I had a good day yesterday,but today not as good. I'm still not sleeping as well as i should. I've 2 apts at hospital this week,i'll tell all later in the week.

I think i'll post this now and go and have a bath.

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There still putting up the decs in our town, but the switch on is normally in November, so it means it soon. My son has asked if we can go to the town centre this year for for the swich on. I would like to go, just have to see how I feel when the time comes.

looking forward to seeing the snaps of the outside decs.

Cheers Sci


Do you have a scooter or wheelchair? I wouldn't have gone otherwise, it started to get cold on the way home. Have had another night of weird dreams. I don't know what to do with my sleep pattern,have to have think about it. I hope you slept wellnmy friend.



Xmas lights yay! Hubby has put our outside lights up just waiting for 1st Dec to switch on woohoo! Hope you enjoyed your bath and had a good rest xxx


All mine go up next weekend. lights go on 1st if we have finished. Had a lovely bath,didn't sleep that well,nothing new there. Hope your


Hi Sylvi,

Hope you and your hubby are feeling better today.

Can't wait to see the decs I love Christmas it brings out the big kid in me.

Take care, hope all goes well at hospital I am there this morning for a biologics review.

Julie x


how did you get on today my friend? xx


Today went great!

Everything has been pushed forward and all my tests done to hopefully start Ritiximab in the next 3-4 weeks!! That will be one treatment before christmas then one in the new year.

So I am really hoping to get some relief from this, she was very honest with me and told me that she cant guarentee this treatment will work but becuase Ive failed on all the other treatments so far then I have a better chance off this working!!

She also had a chat with me about what improvments to expect and she was very honest in telling me that she dosent execpt me to get any improvment in my back pain, hip pain and finger pain as results off x rays mris, etc show that degeneration has gotton worse since the degeration that already shown 2 years ago.

She said basically I can only execpt an improvment in all my swollen joints etc but like she said this contributes to about 40% off my pain at least so if this can be eased then it should be easier to live with the remaining pain long term and hopefully if it works it will also halt further degeration in back, hips and fingers.

I start Tia chi tomorrow too so everything seems to be moving along nicely really hoping I get good results, feeling a lot more positive today :) and been out for a fab meal tonight with great friends to celebrate!! maybe a bit early but I am hopefull xx

Hope you and your hubby are well xx

take care hun xxx


Julie x


Thanks julie, it does me too,i love all the showy things that are about it lifts the mood. i will put up at least 2 trees depends what room i have after i have had a move round.

you at walsgrave or eliot? hope it goes well for you.



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