Bath Time

Bath Time

I just had to share how happy I am tonight. My OT delivered my Aquajoy bath lift yesterday. Thought i would give myself a wee treat and have my first bath since christmas. It was fantastic and what a difference soaking in a hot bath does to my joints, i am now a lover of hydrotherapy. A shower is OK for general cleaning, but i had forgotten the pleasures of relaxing in a bath, without having to worry about how the hell i was going to get out. Just like old times before RA kicked in, soft music and candles. I feel human again. Its amazing how a simple thing like getting out of a bath to us is like climbing Ben Nevis. I could give Morag my OT at Wishaw General a big cuddle just now for making me feel like the happiest man on earth tonight.

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  • Fantastic! I got a Bath Manger a couple of months back and I nearly cried with delight after using it! I sent my O T in a lovely wee email to thank her too. Makes such a difference! Happy Bathing x

  • Aww how lovely, I'm really pleased for you. Baths are the best!

    Paula x

  • That's brilliant news - happy bathing! Tilda x

  • Oh thats so cool! Do you have all the water jets as well or just the lovely feeling of being in the water. I got a neck pillow that is waterproof from my hubby and that is good too.

    Enjoy the baths then....and remember to have one on your birthday..whether you need it or not (thats my husbands favorite joke!!) Axx

  • not water jets, but i have the air bubbles, lovely.

  • I Have to get my husband to lift me out of the bath, so I don't tend to have many, but I love to soak in the bath, I don't have an OT, I've never been offered one. Think Ill speak to my rheumatologist on Wednesday about it, but I have 4 children who all have baths, does the bath chair come in and out of the bath easily? Xx

  • juju74 its fantastic, comes in 2 parts and easy to get in and out.

  • Thats its so good for you to have the freedom to bath if you want to. We lose so much with this disease and it it is good to hear of something positive. Hope you have many happy baths to come.


  • My OT arranged the installation of a walk-in shower in an unused bedroom so I could keep my bath for soaking in. It is wonderful to just lay there and feel the joints/spine easing in the warm water of a candle lit bath.

    My advice to anyone struggling around the home or workplace to have an Adult Services or Access to Work OT assessment, they can provide all sorts of aids to make life a little easier at home and work.

    Beth x

  • It doesn't take much to make us happy does it? I just love my walk-in wet room which was fitted in March. After 18months of strip washing at the sink it was an unbelievable luxury and one I still revel in.

    Enjoy the bath though - I couldn't go for the bath-lift option cos I can't get my leg over (as the actress said to the bishop!)

  • This is really one of those glass half-full stories or should that be 'bath brim-full'? Have you thought of a career as a bath salesman? Wishing you many happy bath-times!

    Christina x

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