To bath or not to bath?


Bathing is getting far too difficult for me.

Have any of you bought, or been provided with, a lifting device to help you get out after a soak?

I have seen chairs that fold up and down, and air cushions that inflate and then deflate. There is a wide strap thing called a Bath Knight.

Just want to know if any of these gadgets are effective, reliable, and worth the money. And are any of them available through Social Services or other providers?

Or should I just accept reality and stick to showering?

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  • Hi Phoebe

    You can get aids after a social services adult services needs assessment. Contact your local social services department and request an assessment, they can provide other aids for around the home too.

    I have a stair lift and had a walk-in shower installed in a bedroom (my problems are mainly spinal, legs and pelvis) I argued I needed the bath to soak in during bad flares, they also gave me a stool for the bath which I lift in and sit on then use a rail a little higher on the wall to help haul myself up. Also got handles on the front and back door to help with steps.

    Beth xx

  • Avoid Injuries and stick with showers. Many bath time injuries are the result of falling in the tub. To protect yourself and prevent injury, install an anti-slip mat in the bottom of your tub. Hand rails and shower seats can also prevent accidental slips and falls. Happy Bath is a safe bath....

  • Excellent advice, Teeta!

  • I can't advise as don't have any of these, and so baths are an annual event for me. But heartily support your desire to still be able to have one! So replying just to say that while you're sorting the bath out have you got a stool to use in your shower? I've got one, and it does make the showers much more useful & pleasant. I got a purpose made plastic one via freecycle so didn't cost a penny either. P

  • And to add to the shower and seat, get a hand held shower line, connects easily to any shower head and is ideal for reaching everywhere, can have as adjustable dial-a shower head on it to soften or strengthen the water pressure. Wonderful to aim at one area of muscles or joints that need extra heat. With the seat you can dry off without risk of falling also.

  • social services will provide low cost items such as bath board and step on a "permanent loan basis", I Had a grab handle and stair rails also installed free of charge.. larger items sich as bathroom adaptations can be obtained via a means tested grant..

  • I was given one off the bath chairs after an assessment, on a temporary basis until they could fit me a walk in shower. I found it ok to use and it was social services who provided it free off charge. It was a lot better than getting stuck in the bath! Phone your social services department and arrange for an assessment.

  • try a jacuzzi at your local swimming baths/gym/healthcentre/spa a real treat and most have disabled access - lovely and warm and soothing and easier to walk in and out of

  • Thanks for all your replies. I hadn't thought of a shower stool, that's a simple starting point. I have dreamed of a warm jacuzzi of my own! I will talk to my OT and also contact Social Services. Although during the current economic climate, the whole idea of asking for anything fills me with trepidation.

  • Hi Pheobe,

    I have heard of a assisted baths provider, which I know do easy access baths, and assisted baths such as the Windsor one with a transfer seat.

    It will depend on your budget but you should definitely have a look at their products on

    Baths are too much of a treat to be given up, I hope you find a solution and don't give up!


  • Hi,

    One of my clients are in the assisted living industry and more specifically the specialist bathing industry and I'm sure they will have what you are looking for. Here's their link -

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