Free Rheumatoid Arthritis Self Management Programme commencing in Bath at the end of September

Have you been living with a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis for more than a year? Would you like to improve the way you feel about and how you cope with this condition?

If you live in Bath or the surrounding area, this free self management programme starting at the end of the month, could well be your first step to making it happen.

Find out more at

Best wishes,

Ruth Grosart

NRAS Digital Meda Coordinator

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  • Too much of a struggle getting into Bath. Lol, too far for me unfortunately.

  • Hi Philip, do you live in the area? Is there any support for you to get a lift over to Bath?

    Kind regards, Ruth

  • I'm many miles away and not fit to travel, I can always catch up here lol, I hope all goes well.


  • Ok Philip, we'll keep you all updated with future programmes and hopefully there'll be one nearer you in the future. Best wishes, Ruth

  • Hello,

    Am new to this, have done a post asking for answers to RA. My wife has a repeat problem, every 10 months, any help will be appreciated. We live in Reading, visiting eye casualty and getting eye drops clear the problem. Looking for answers to prevent this, may be stress?

  • Hi bala,

    Please give our helpline team a call tomorrow on 0800 298 7650 and we'll endeavour to help! Our lines are open 9.30-4.30.

    Kind regards,

    Ruth Grosart

    NRAS Digital Media Coordinator

  • I'm was really up for this as it's in my area and sounds just like what I need but unfortunately I have to work...not sure I could get all the time off needed...what a shame :(

  • Just wanted to add...this is a great programme to be run, as many of us are left bewildered, scared of what the future may hold and if it wasn't for NRAS and the forum... we would be left to our own devices by our medical teams!!

  • Thank you for your comments and sorry to hear you can't make the course in Bath. If you need any support with informing your work about your condition, please find our information at

    Kind regards,

    Ruth Grosart

    NRAS Digital Media Coordinator

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