Bath accident

Bath accident

Hi there all, had a nice relaxing bath this morning, then as I was getting out, in my own peculiar way, I fell and hit my hip on the bath handle - SO sore as it has RA and OA in it, must admit I did cry a little, pain so bad, now have a HUGE bruise to show for it! It really struck me how dibiliating RA is in that you can't do the most simple things easily that most people take for granted so I sympathise with you all out there and hope you all have your RA relatively controlled to reduce your suffering x.


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  • So sorry to hear that you had this happen to you this morning, I cannot remember the last time I had a bath! Although we have one I have not dared to use it, I only ever climb into it to have a shower. We are in the process of getting quotes to have it removed so that I can have a better shower, no one in the family has baths now we all shower each day so it appears silly to continue to have the bath there.

    Do take care when you have another one is there anyone who can be in the house just in case? xx

  • Thanks Georje, Yes I think I'd best follow your example and continue having showers, I hadn't used it for ages either but just fancied one, don't think I will again though, such a shame, I love baths :( xx

  • o bless you , i have been tear full today, in alot of pain, yes is nice just to have a lay in the bath, i dont get to have then, very much, :( you take care chine up, i no its hard , i will be so glade to see this year gone as had nothing but bad luck.x

  • my sister's got a hot tub and it was so nice really helped the pain, really would like to get one, then I wouldn't need a bath! wish I had a bit of money!! Still got lots to be thankful for, could be alot worse, so hope you get a bit of good luck now missmopp, we sure need it!! take care xx

  • Lydia, i hope you are feeling better. I must admit i like my baths.but they are so hard to get in and out of it. I found it much easier to shower while i was away. I always bath when one of my lot are around as i still don't feel safe.

    Yesterday we went out for the day,but i didn't go out last night as i had walked a lot so i knew i was going to suffer,so i relaxed while huby and daughter went out for a drink. My son was online so i skyped him and we had a lovely chat.

    Have you got some witch hazel as i heard that it is good for bruises. I hope you don't feel too stiff tomorrow.

  • Yes feeling a bit better thanks sylvi, put some arnica on it and it helped a lot, gone a lovey purple/blue colour though! I've just had a skype session with my daughter and granddaughter, it's really nice isn't it to see them even though they're so far away! Hope you're not too sore now and all the best xx

  • This time last year I was away in a self catering house somewhere in Scotland and my OH and boys were all out and I was flaring so I had a lovely hot bath to try and soothe my wrists, hands and shoulders. What an idiot I felt when i found I couldn't get out. I tried and tried and ended up using up the entire hot water tank so I didn't get chilled. Finally after 40 minutes or so of struggling I heard OH and boys coming in through the front door and suddenly I just propelled myself out with an almighty heave and husband walked in to find me lying on the floor like a beached whale in a pool of soapy water! Tilda x

  • oh you poor thing, bet you've never had another bath again?! x

  • I have actually Lydia - I'm very lucky to now have minimal amounts of pain on MTX and Hydroxy but this time last year I was still a month off diagnosis or treatment and had been working and travelling a lot so was paying a high price. I haven't been on holiday since though so it will hopefully be a very different story when we go away a week today and I'll have no more bathing traumas. I hope you won't either but showers are much safer if you're in any doubt. Tilda x

  • That looks bad I have a non slip bath mat have you got one? x

  • No I haven't, I'll have to get one, although don't know if I'll be using the bath again!! x

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