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well guys as to all your answers to my question i have decided

i have decided and booked an appointment privatly for a second oppinion at bolton

i will be taking my blood tests done with me so hopfully i will open the docs packet and tell you guys what it said on the figures.

cos you lot seem more nowligable that them.

i wont be booking any more private appointments after this cos its costing me 170 quid

who knows i might learn a bit more

im now thinking where do i start like telling him had this twice befor and cleared it using my own phission at the pool then it just came back after 7 years with a vengance and list all my aches and where they started first then next place it started

does this seem a good idea to you.

regards john

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John, sit down and write down everything you want to ask as you are likely to forget something,i know i would. It doesn't matter how trivial they seem they will then be answered. As your going private you want your moneys worth. sylvi...


wnat i will do syl is write it down then post it on here see waht people think maybe we can get to the bottom of this thing.

as everyone on here shares info MANY HANDS MAKE LITE WORK DONT THEY.


my wife is going away for a few days watching the para ollimpics so im fending for me self till next tue so whatch this space ha ha


good idea about sharing the list!! Hope you get a proper consultation sooner rather than later to give you some proper advice! Love Axx


dont bank on it allanah must people i have met apart from the knee specialist i would not trust with shapening a pencil so far


Echo everything that's been said and I hope that your private consultant can diagnose your problem along with reverting you back under the NHS.


thanks georrje you must have met them to


I think that writing all the history down is a great idea John, no matter how trivial it seems, it may be a great pointer for the consultant.

Good luck with it.

Judy xx


I second (third/fourth etc) whats already been said. Take notes plus note of the meds you are taking (always saves them time and in this case, your money!)

£170 will hopefully be well spent if you get a better diagnosis and/or more information on everything. Even if their dignosis is the same as you have already had a second opinion should make sure your treatment goes down the right path.

Hope you enjoy your weekend on your own, have a nice one



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