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Painting the garage, part 1

Hi everyone,

I am now resting as i have started to paint the garage. I first did two wooden plant pots, which i got my son to lift out and put them on a bin, so that they were easier to paint. They took 2 coats of paint to cover them. They haven't had any paint since i brought them, so they were desperate. Then i thought oh! the garage looks desperate as well. I started to paint one of the doors, Hubby said only do one door and do the other tomorrow, so thats what i'm doing. Trouble is with starting a job is it shows up other areas that need paint, but i was a good girl i only painted the one door, but i did put some black paint on the hinges and the handle of said door. Got my son to put plants back for me. Part two of this story will be tomorrow if i haven't overddone it today. I haqve stopped now and i promise i won't do anymore.


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Good to hear your learning the pacing method Sylvia, it's something everyone needs to learn.

Be careful then tomorrow, hope the sun carry's on shining for you too.

take care

mand xx


thank you mand, i won't say i've learnt it fully yet, but i'm trying. My family say i'm very trying!!! I'm going to be miffed if it rains tomorrow.

sylvia. xx


yes dont over do it!! thats why I have half painted log roll border in my garden and a half painted cat kennel.. yes cat kennel. im getting lazy now. or is it just over pacing lol ...


it's knowing your limits, besides why follow everyone else be different. I'm showing my ignorance, but what is a log roll border? lol. xx


Great will power Sylvi firstly for starting it and then having the sense not to overdo it. I need to take a leaf out of your book. I either do nothing at all or go at it with all guns blazing and end up doing nothing again for ages and usually the job is left half done. Good luck tomorrow


Its not willpower its being told to leave it by my hubby. I'm afraid i'm like you i'm all or nothing. Didn't sleep too well last night, played on laptop until late playing solataire, thats all i was doing in my sleep. Then my son came home not feeling very well, so nwho does he want when he;s not well, thats right his mum. He thinks he had a bit or food poisoning. he's better today.

Luv sylvia. xx


log roll border ie a roll of wooden logs that are used to make a border or retainer wall for a floor bed... im now lying in bed til nearly 8am week it is sun!!, think my pacing has turned into sleeping this weekend.. has a nap sat afternoon too, I had been trying to stop this but my body just said no! I did a lot last bank hol weekend and on the tuesaday.. it has caught up with me!


Hi Summer, i know what you were talking about, thank you. It is wet and miserable in bulkington today, so i won't be doing anything but resting. It will please bob as i do too much in his eyes. I try to do things to help him as he does the looking after me. The kids help bless them, but they don't always think to just get on with it. I like you try not to sleep during the day, i've had more success than you, because i've had some new drugs for the fibro, which is helping. I'm more cheerful which is a blessing as i was getting to be a miserable old git!!!

I have to admit to aching today. We have a parade in warton this afternoon, which i hope to attend as my daughterbis standard bearer for our local branch of the rbl. I haven't been to many of her parades lately as i haven't been up to it, which i like to go to.

Due to painting i haven't had a good night, beacause of the pain, also i kept waking up and ha Sylvia.xxving odd dreams. So here i am not able to do much having a lovely time chatting to you and others on here.

Keep resting summer as its going to be wet most of the day i believe.


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